dewerstone // Impact Report Highlights 2021
As 2021 is wrapping up, we thought we'd take some time to reflect back on the year and the things we're most proud of and share them with you, the people that made them all happen.
SEND // Out and about in Kenya

My favourite thing to do in the world is travelling to a new country to check out new rivers and if I'm honest, my biggest source of motivation to train and be ready to go when opportunity knocks. 

Talks at dewerstone // Sal Montgomery
After what's felt like an eternity, we held our first in store talk in almost two years. Who better to kick things off that one of our favourite humans, Sal Montgomery. 
Black Friday | we’re just not in to it
As previous Black Fridays, we decided to shut down our stores, offices and warehouses, we’re just not in to it.
Bren's Park Jam 2021 // An overview
For those who aren't familiar with the Park Jam, it consists of Bren Orton hosting a kayak jam sesh out on the water where anyone can tag along, chill with Bren, try out some whitewater course challenges or just kick back and enjoy a day of shredding on the water.
Tom's Canoe Expedition to Brownsea Island
I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to camp out on this prestigious site, so I set about organising a trip to canoe over for a night and back again the next day.
Tour de Cake // Heidi's 95km route
With the Tour of Britain going straight past the shop I thought it would be a good idea to create my own tour based around the Dewerstone shop.
1000 Tyres Project
We're out on the boat, sunglasses off, scuba gear on, ready to drop down to the sea bed.. it almost sounds idyllic, until you know we're hauling up tyres!
8 years of Screen Printing // Why we still do it in-house

It's been almost 8 years since dewerstone first opened its doors. Over the years a lot has changed that's for sure, however one thing hasn't changed, and that is we still screen print every garment in house.

Organic Climbing x dewerstone
As we move into our 5 years of working with Organic Climbing, we figured we'd take this time to talk about our collaboration and why we ultimately chose to work with them 👊 
We've raised rp201,689,11 | Indonesia Feeding Families
We're working directly with the community in Gili T to keep track of, package and deliver our food parcels. But we can't do it all alone, we're working closely with the @chilicommunityhouse to deliver food aid to those most in need 💚
WE'RE MAKING A CHANGE // Indonesia Feed FOUR Families
It's now been a month since we reached out across our platform to start our initial Buy a tee - feed FOUR families in Indonesia campaign. Many that have followed our story know just how successful we were in raising over 1000 Food Packages!
Beyond Beaches - A Lockdown Adventure
The trip sounds simple, drive north. So far north that you can see John O Groats pointing toward the Faroe islands and beyond, then the hiking begins. 
Working directly with you and the local communities in Lombok, Indonesia, we have made a real difference and have managed to directly support 4350 people, provide 1087 food parcels and much more. Thank you.
Our Tees are feeding the families!

Over 2 weeks ago we reached out across our platforms to ask you to buy our Tees, with the the catch being 100% of sales go towards buying and distributing food parcels in Lombok, Indonesia.

Buy a t shirt - feed FOUR families in Indonesia for a week 🙏

Buy a t shirt - feed FOUR families in Indonesia for a week 🙏

Any tee, purchased anywhere, online, in store or at your local stockist, anywhere in the world between 17th and 31st July
Rory joins Seth Ashworth on his latest podcast
Covering everything from where the word 'dewerstone' comes from, what started it all, what we're doing now and where we're going in the future. Theres even a giveaway in to an exciting new retail location.. and WAY more!
Rainy season kayaking on the Zambezi

International whitewater freerider Bren Orton take a visit to the majestic basalt stone walls of the Batoka Gorge and the mighty Zambezi river. 

It's a world class destination and challenge to all kayakers who visit, but in rainy season it is something else.

How to read more (and eat less snacks)
How we can make better decisions in the way we live? From the way we shop to the way we educate the young. If we can change some of the ways we are used to doing things, we can make positive changes in the world around us. 
Time is always well spent.
Bren Orton helps us stay mentally and physically agile so we can keep paddling past the boredom syphon in these rocky times!
Free Diving in the ocean, to be safer on the river
I was briefed on some theory, some of which I had learned before, some was new to me and some was broken down to mathematical formulas’ and physiology. As always, with everything, there is more than meets the eye.