Time is always well spent.
Bren Orton helps us stay mentally and physically agile so we can keep paddling past the boredom syphon in these rocky times!
Free Diving in the ocean, to be safer on the river
I was briefed on some theory, some of which I had learned before, some was new to me and some was broken down to mathematical formulas’ and physiology. As always, with everything, there is more than meets the eye.
The most event-less year!

Despite the lack of events, this may turn out to be a year where events develop themselves the most. Taking the opportunity to look outside the sport for inspiration. 

It has also been a chance to recharge the batteries, top up event excitement, and maybe even come up with some ideas for future events

Oetztal protest
The project has been advancing rapidly throughout the last few weeks and the destruction of the landscape in preparation of the dam is now clearly visible from the road.
Life Shorts 2.0 - Why I love them. Bren's perspective.

Genuinely I think the Life Shorts 2.0 are the best board shorts on the planet.

Stylish, versatile and eco friendly. What’s not to like?

Supercharge your activism

It won’t take hours on a computer to support the organisations fighting for things you care about, following their social media accounts and staying up to date with how to help is a good way to start and often it will take just a few short minutes signing a petition to help.

The most important thing is to stand up and be involved.

Why do we need to protect rivers?

The short answer is that in this mad man made world of ours, the river cannot protect itself. 

Just because a river is in a National Park, does not make it safe from development. 

What does it mean to be certified Climate Neutral?

Achieving Carbon Neutral certification isn't just a part of our image or a marketing campaign, it is part of our core values and the foundation of how we operate as a business. 

Then the curfews began.....Dodging police and reef rash in Sri Lanka
Shred Dog and crew narrowly avoided some extra time in Sri Lanka on their recent surf kayak trip. The local police were out and looking to lockdown.....With a locals only mustach Doug and the crew managed to blend in and sneak in some sweet surf sessions.
Staying busy during lockdown
  I am happiest when I am busy. Even at times where I feel overwhelmed, overworked and under slept, I know that no matter how much I crave downtime and sleep in those particular moments. I don’t actually want to...
Keeping Active for the fun times ahead
Staying in shape is useful for any adventurer. Doug Cooper knows a thing or two about fitness for kayaking and has trained in some odd places around the globe. Its not all fancy gyms and spandex! Check out his top tips for staying in shape at home and away!
The making of the Life Shorts 2.0

We wanted to make the World's best board shorts and a few years down the line, we're glad we stuck to our guns.

Let's take a look in to the Life Shorts 2.0 production process and some behind the scenes factory action!

The other 99% to dropping a waterfall..
Bren, Dane & Adrian get shut down on a couple of promising waterfalls, but what a great insight in to the other 99% of what happens outside that 1% of free fall time.
Flash foods, waterfalls & Life Shorts sneak peeks!
The boys (Bren, Adrian & Dane) have been out in Indonesia, searching for waterfalls, living for adventure and putting the new Summer 2020 Life Shorts 2.0 through their paces. 
Have you ever been snowboarding?
It doesn't matter if you are Alpine fresh or a Backcountry Powder Hound.  You will know the joy of flying down the slopes laying fresh tracks. Relive the stoke of your first ride.....
Say what??!! SEND crew tear up the Zambezi
Is this the sickest SEND edit yet? Never seen before angles, move and lines down one of the biggest white water playgrounds in the world!
Lost in Sumatra. A Kayak expedition to Lake Toba.
The highs and lows of a white water kayak expedition to the eastern rivers of Northern Sumatra.  Follow Seth and friends as they search for first descents in a tropical paradise.
Authentic Adventure has no size limits
Size is no issue when it comes to having fun outside.  A treasure hunt, some coffee, friends and laughter can turn an everyday walk into an adventure!
Victoria Falls, it's business as usual

It's a dam shame.

The real story here is the dam that is scheduled to be built and the catastrophic loss of life and habitat construction will cause.

Park Jam 2019

More hype, more stoke and more super amazing junior kayakers than you can shake a paddle at! 

Check out the reviews of this years Brens Park Jam Tour and see how the future of UK kayaking is shaping up! 


Coffee & Cake in the heart of Dartmoor National Park

Wherever you go, whether it's holidays, extended travel or a work trip, as a rule of thumb, if you find good coffee, the trip becomes a whole lot better! Join us in Princetown for some of the best coffee on Dartmoor National Park.