Guardians of Our Waterways

Guardians of Our Waterways

Rallying for the Protection of Afon Cynfal

The developers are back and for Save Our Rivers the fight is back on.

We need your help to safeguard one of Wales' most treasured landscapes: the Afon Cynfal.

Save Our Rivers are champions of our waterways, guardians of free flowing rivers and stand up to represent & protect the landscapes they love.

Mission: To protect the stunning cascades of the Afon Cynfal, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in the heart of Wales.

What's Happening? In 2019, this iconic site faced a threat from a proposed hydroelectric development, which planned to dam and divert water from the falls. Thanks to the overwhelming support from our community and the objections raised by Save Our Rivers and the Snowdonia Society, the site was saved.

However, the fight is not over. Recently, a revised Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was submitted for the same hydro scheme. Despite additional surveys, the concerns remain. The proposed development could significantly impact the river's ecology, the surrounding bog area, and the aesthetics of this culturally vital landscape.

Key Concerns:

  • Visual impact of the intake structure.
  • Ecological damage to the river and surrounding areas.
  • Permanent changes to the landscape, including the underground pipeline along the Slate Trail.
  • Risks of damage to the downstream SSSI during construction.
  • Inadequate compensation for the impact on one of the UK's last free-flowing rivers.

Our Stand: dewerstone and Save Our Rivers believe the development should be rejected. The minor power output it promises does not justify the extensive ecological and aesthetic damage to this culturally significant area.

How Can You Help? Your action is crucial. We urge you to join us in opposing this scheme. LEARN MORE, and fill in the survey: MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

Together, we can protect the Afon Cynfal and ensure that our natural heritage remains intact for future generations.

If we're going to change the World and protect what we believe in, we're going to have to work together. Business, brands, people, organisations. Collaboration is key to impact.

Make an impact in protecting our precious waterways: FILL OUT THE SURVEY and oppose the scheme.

Help spread awareness & support Save Our Rivers: Shop Now

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