From Awareness to Action // Banking
The "big four" UK banks - Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) - have all provided significant funding to the fossil fuel industry in recent years.
B Corp Month | Dartmoor Clean
We kicked off B Corp Month in style by shutting our stores and heading out to help protect the wild places we love. We joined forces for this clean up with businesses & individuals all over the UK, as part of the Surfers Against Sewage Million Mile Clean.
Wild Camping for the future - How to take action

The Dartmoor Preservation Society has launched a fund raising campaign to directly support the DNPA in appealing the court and targeting a rights based system for wild campers to enjoy Dartmoor. 

Find out how to support it.

An Update on Wild Camping 🏕
"Well, in short, at least there's a solution that grants wild camping, but a permissive system is far from the ideal outcome. Action is needed and the fight for the right to wild camp as we have always done continues."
Dartmoor Litter Picking

It's no secret that there are so many great Dartmoor adventures that can be experienced, from walking routes, running routes and even just leisurely strolls. Well now you can pick up one our litter pickers! 

Gili Eco Trust Beach Clean - Gili Trawangan

Trash washes in from the ocean, but it also comes from being thrown away, with many people here still burning and discarding their waste. It's an uphill struggle that the Gili Eco Trust have been tackling for years, the progress is evident but theres still plenty to be done.

3 Great Dartmoor Trail Runs
Trail running is one of the best ways to explore our National Parks, especially Dartmoor. With endless miles of footpaths, bridleways and trails both marked and unmarked, moving swiftly with your feet you can get to some of the countries finest wild places and the best snack spots available! 
Top 5 Dartmoor Walks
Dartmoor is a hive of activity for those who embrace the outdoor lifestyle. From the flowing rivers to the endless trails, it is a place where you can venture far on a sunny day and embrace the elements of the wilderness on another. The landscape that surrounds us acts as a constant reminder of what we live to enjoy, and serve to protect.
Help save wild camping on Dartmoor 🏕
Dartmoor is the ONLY place in England where you can legally wild camp, sadly that right is under threat.
Kendal River Clean
Over 250kg of trash was pulled out of the river and surrounding area. A massive win for the river and the life it supports. 
Black Friday.. Mega sale or go hiking? 🥾
We couldn't think of a better place to call home, or a better place to spend Black Friday.
Black Friday - What we're doing instead 🌎

It's that time of the year again, Black Friday is fast approaching with its sales, discounts, mass consumerism, throwaway know, all the good stuff. We'll be real with you, Black Friday just isn't that great, it's far from it.

So we figure, why indulge in it? 

Green Friday?
GREENER PASTURES Black Friday is only 99% doom and gloom. There's a 1% out there, a band of brands and businesses taking a stand against it, or at least attempting to turn it in to something more positive. And then there...
Say NO to Black Friday
WE'RE SAYING NO TO BLACK FRIDAY The It's that time of the year again, Black Friday is fast approaching and the world goes crazy for the 'best deals of the year'. There's huge sales all over the place, mad price...
Zipper pulls from Cornish ghost fishing net
Enough commercial fishing line is left in the ocean each year to stretch to the moon and back.
Say NO to concrete in our rivers
The most destructive engineering project planned for the European Alps and opposed by over 30 environmental organisations.
Hitting up Clearwater Kayak Festival
Clearwater River Festival can only described as the loosest kayaking event of the year...
dewerstone x Spearhead Records x Mr Penfold tee.
It's only through collaboration and working together that we will make a difference
The Life Shorts Jungle Series
The Jungle series acknowledges that we as outdoor brands are in debt to nature and it's time to pay it back.
Life Shorts - from the beginning to now!
Most of all I like that a small crew of passionate people has managed to create a product that excels at everything it does and that the environmental cost of fashion was not an after thought.
dewerstone is Certified B Corp!
We are incredibly proud to become a Certified B Corp. The process is rigorous, it's a process that's taken sweat, tears & years and we could not have done it without the support of our community and the belief that you show in the brand and what we stand for.