Activism: Finding Your Tipping Point

Activism: Finding Your Tipping Point

When is enough enough?

We are all increasingly expected to be socially and environmentally responsible, and for the younger generations, they are expected to take on the burden of lack of action and neglect from those that came before them.

For many people and indeed businesses, there comes a moment – a tipping point – that drives them towards activism. This tipping point is often a realisation or an event that makes it impossible to continue with the status quo.

Identifying the Tipping Point

Every person may have a different tipping point that propels them into activism. For some, it might be the overwhelming evidence of environmental degradation, like the sight of litter spoiling natural landscapes. This visual reminder of our impact on the planet can be a powerful motivator to implement sustainable practices and advocate for environmental change.

For others, the tipping point might be consumerism-driven events like Black Friday. The relentless push to buy more and the visible impact of such consumerism on society and the environment can urge people and businesses to adopt a different approach. For businesses especially, the realisation that they are part of a system that promotes unsustainable buying habits can lead to a significant shift in how they operate and market themselves.

Responding to the Tipping Point

The response can take many forms. It might mean taking a public stand against practices that are harmful to the environment, businesses might also choose to support social causes, advocating for issues such as fair labor practices or equal opportunities.

Either way, it involves putting your head above the parapet, standing up for what you believe in and ultimately, taking action.

Use your platform

This could be hands on joining a litter pick, it could be giving your expertise to a non profit organisation, or it could be hitting the streets or social channels and amplifying the voice of those who need it.

Businesses could work with partners like 1% for the Planet, combining their activism, values and business goals with a measurable accreditation.

Meaningful Impact

Finding your tipping point is the first step towards making a meaningful impact. As we all begin to find and recognise our roles in shaping a better world, activism becomes not just a choice, but a necessity.

The context of 'Finding your tipping point' was taken from a talk that Rory, founder of dewerstone, shared at an event 'Why businesses need a more activist mindset' hosted by Enviral.

The talk concluded with a call to action, using our platform to influence change and calling upon the audience to use their voice in the fight to save the Afon Cynfal. With a QR code on the screen the audience were invited to scan, learn and act. You can act on this one too, here.

📸 Luc Lacey

Get involved

Feel free to use the images, drop us a DM on Instagram @dewerstone and we'll send them to you. The more people that see Black Friday for what it is, the better.

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