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As B Corp grows and becomes more known across the board, we would love to share our story and process to actively encourage companies to join in becoming certfied B Corp.

Afterall, being a B Corp is a lifetime commitment to becoming a responsible business.

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For a more in depth look into how B Corp works, check out The B Corp Movement video below.

breaking down our

B Corp journey

Our journey to becoming a certified B Corp business was rigorous. It was a process that took sweat, tears & years.

But what exactly did this journey entail? To most easily break this down, we have seperated our process into 6 steps that we took as a buisness.

1. B Impact Assessment (BIA)

First up is completing and submitting our BIA. We measured our overall social and environmental performance (workers, suppliers, community…etc) and began working on areas we could improve upon straight away.

Truly, no stone is left unturned.

2. Evaluation

After submitting our assessment for review, we underwent an initial Evaluation to determine our next steps for the business, whether that was to proceed with the Verification stage or continue working on our impact improvements.

3. legal requirements

To become an official B Corp business, we had to adopt a specific wording into our articles of association. This is reflect our commitment to creating a material positive impact on society and the environment. 

4. Submit and review

We worked closely with a B Corp evaluation analyst to work through our BIA.

This process was particularly important, as were able to engage where we stood before our final score and beef out any areas which didn’t hit the mark.

5. Certify

AKA Celebrate. We were stoked to be awarded a score of 98.6!

6. The future

Being a B Corp business isn’t achieved through a one time certificate. Every 3 years, we have to recertify and improve upon our score.


Every product supports social & environmental actions all over the World.