dewerstone x Penfold - Nature Matters

dewerstone x Penfold - Nature Matters

At dewerstone, we’re all about blending high-tech innovation with our love for the outdoors.

Nestled in the heart of Dartmoor National Park, we create our t-shirts using the latest screen printing technology, all while staying true to our commitment to the environment.

We use computer-to-screen technology to cut out waste and improve efficiency in the process. This means we get your designs onto shirts faster and with less impact on the planet.

Once the screens are ready, our high-tech machines take over. They ensure every print is vibrant and precise, so your gear looks great come rain or shine.

Our facility is powered entirely by green energy. From our electric dryers (a rare choice in the screen printing industry) to our all-LED lighting, every part of our process is designed to minimize our carbon footprint. 

Our products are made with care, we’re proud to do what we do and we're proud that the last steps in the factory process are carried out by us, right here in Princetown. 

Wear your values with the dewerstone x Penfold Nature Matters T Shirt.

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dewerstone x Penfold - Nature Matters
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