Top 5 tips for Bouldering at Fontainebleau

Tom & Lee have just got back from a week of climbing in Fontainebleau and we asked them to share some tops tips to make the most out of your trip if you are heading that way!

We love a trip to Font and think you would too! So here’s their 5 top tips for a Fontainebleau bouldering trip.

dewerstone joins 1% for the Planet
Today we joined 1% for the planet, committing to donate 1% of annual sales to support nonprofit organisations focused on the environment.
Travelling in Tibet
Traveling is not just where a plane can take you. Bren Orton takes us on a journey into new realms of White water.
Sweet Summer Rain - Seasonal kayaking treats in the North East

Last minute adventures are the best kind and when the weather gods play ball its time to rally! 

Some might say it always rains this much in the north of England.....

Dartmoor Bouldering - Cuckoo Rock
After work pump. Sun haze filled evenings just a stones throw from HQ. Classic granite boulders and good times.
Back to the Old School
Old School good times. A snapshot of life at dewerstone HQ from back in the day.
Travelling, it's more than just seeing pretty places.
Life is a journey. Drop in on Brens.
Why you should take short, solo, Overnight Adventures

Time to go it alone. Join Seth on his solo surf and wild camp in the Canadian Wilderness and find out why he values this time so much. 

Race Report | The King Of The Alps | Italy | 2019
One Hundred and Twenty kayakers set off at once down a 6km stretch of pushy class 3, where only the top 20 go through to the next round. Sounds pretty hectic huh? Exactly why I had to get involved in...
A day in the Life Shorts.
Grind, Brew, Drink, Shoot, Paddle, Relax. A day in the life of a pro photog!
Is the Middle Sermenza one of the most underrated river sections in Europe?
Who cares what year it is, Italy in the spring is must! This year the snow melt has come late but don't let that stop you getting the goods.
Colorado Tour Part 1: CKS Paddle fest
Follow Heidi Walsh as she tours around Colorado state competing in all the biggest and best events in America.
Cold and Frustrated: Stories from Stakeout: Season 2: Ep 4: Andi dips out!
Could this be the last episode of Cold and Frustrated for this season? More highly anticipated than the last GOT!
Unleashed BTS
The biggest mobile White water competition in the world is no easy task..
Cold and Frustrated: Stories from Stakeout: Season 2: Episode 3: Andi's Visions
Could this be the new way to freestyle greatness? Sofa surfing goes takes on a new meaning!
Cold and Frustrated: Stories from Stakeout: Season 2: Ep 2: Spring flooding is higher than EVER!
When it rains it pours.... Big water season continues in Canada. Ep2 is GO!
Winter training and Spring sends - Climbing in Cheddar Gorge
SEND is the message. Ros styles a few project routes after a winter of focused training.
Bouldering at Garleigh Crag
Explore more. Places and (rock) faces.  Ronnie and friends check out some lesser known boulder problems in the North East
Cold and Frustrated: Season 2. Spring has sprung in Canada

YES! Season 2 of Cold and Frustrated : Stories from Stakeout is back for another few weeks of Big Waves, cold water, shut downs and goodtimes. Follow Seth and the crew around the moving wet mountains of Canada in the spring. 

African Lifting
Fitness is relative but if you want to be at the top of your game then some kind of focused training needs to play a part of what you a doing. Strength training is an important part of any athletes day.  Its not all Muscle Marys and protein shakes though. Doug keeps it real lifting the African way.
The sickest day of kayaking ever!

Bren gets a tad over excited about kayaking - Again! 

This weeks "Best day ever"!