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Have you ever been snowboarding?

The closest I’d been to snowboarding was standing on a board in the house or maybe back in school when I went Skiing! This changed rapidly when all of a sudden I found myself very excited and all booked up on a snowboarding holiday with friends to the Pyrenees for a week.


Snowboarding is amazing, yes the 1st few days of learning hurt your legs a lot and falling over is common but it’s so worth it.

The views are amazing, looking around you on the ground, floating above the pistes on a chair lift, sat in the bar afterwards talking about the day and looking out over the mountains; all of it.

The actual snowboarding itself too though is so much fun, it’s very frustrating to start with and takes some practice but once it starts to click, it’s awesome. By the end of the 2nd day I had started to link up some turns and on the 3rd day I felt a bit more like I had a better idea what I was doing and the leg burning wasn’t as bad as I could now turn to swap edges. Yipeee!

We were at a small resort near Ax Les Thermes, France. It has quite a few nice blues which I think we got round all of them, so the next logical step with an increase in confidence and ability was to tackle a red (my 1st ever red run!) I definitely felt the step up in steepness on this but it was awesome!

I loved it so much I did it twice again the next day and on recommendation of a friend went to try another red that day too. This one felt steeper and the weather was interesting going through mist and clouds but it was still great.

The last day was a bit of a let down because of heavy rain and a pretty painful fall but that’s not going to put me off, the biggest question for me is when can I go again? When I was told ‘You’ll love it and be addicted’ I didn’t realise they meant this quick…..

If you’re debating going and have never been my advice is go for it, it’s amazing!


 No more Ice Cream Headaches....


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