Buy a t shirt - feed FOUR families in Indonesia for a week 🙏 - dewerstone

Buy a t shirt - feed FOUR families in Indonesia for a week 🙏


Buy a t shirt - feed FOUR families in Indonesia for a week 🙏

We need you to buy T-shirts. 
With over 50,000 new cases of COVID 19 a day, Indonesia is the new epicentre of the Global Pandemic. 
Strict Government lockdowns and the lack of tourism that makes up 80% of the GDP for Indonesia, thousands of families have had no income for many many months and are facing very hard times and are unable to feed themselves. 
100% of the sale of T-shirts will go to buying and distributing food parcels in Lombok.
Any tee, purchased anywhere, online, instore or at your local stockist, anywhere in the world between 17th and 31st July
We will give 100% of that sale to our store Manager Nizar in Lombok Indonesia. 
Nizar is our store manager for our new store in the Gili Islands, near Lombok in Indonesia. (we haven't shouted much about it, but its ready to go.)
We were hoping to open this store this week but COVID had other ideas. 
He has already been out purchasing rice and eggs to feed local families but needs more help. His local community relies very very heavily on tourism. The islands have been shut for over 12 resulting in virtually zero income for many. 
Why buy tees, Why is there no "just giving page"?
We have people and infrastructure set up on the ground in Lombok who are already getting the food parcels out there. 
Donation pages are too slow to get aid to the people who need it.  We can monitor all the sales through our website, shop and dealers and react immediately. 
£6.25 will buy a family of 4 enough rice, oil and eggs (daily staples) to feed them for a week. 
1 Tee will feed 4 families for a week. 
On behalf of Nizar and the whole dewerstone team we thank you for your help.
We can't do this alone. 
Our new store on Gili Trawangan being built by Store Manager Nizar and local craftsmen. 
Due to open this month but this has not been possible as infection rates have gone through the roof in Indonesia. 
Store manager, Nizar, earlier this year planting trees on the island as part of a Tree Planting effort organised by the Gili Eco Trust and Supaman, another local hero. 
(separate to our Eden Reforestation programme on Biak Island).

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