British Columbia Road Trip Destination Part 1 | Cheaky Laps and Smokey High Water
Through thick and heavy forest fire smoke, Edddy drops in to the Gattlin Gorge on the Clearwater, boofs some sweet drops on the Cheakamus and dreams of the Stikine in part 1 of his BC adventure.
Seven paddling skills you should be practicing

There is more to kayaking than just running waterfalls apparently! To get the most from your time on the water you need a full set of skills. Bren Orton gives us a few tips on some really useful skills we should be practicing but probably aren't.

How to introduce kids to white water kayaking.
Getting young people into any new sport or activity can be challenging. Especially when there is water involved. Kayak coach Seth Ashworth draws on over a decade of experience to bring us some top tips on getting them started in white water kayaking.
5 things I eat to give me more energy

Keeping our bodies and brains fueled up for a life best lived is not rocket science. You gotta eat ya greens. Brens back with 5 of his top munchies that help keep his his paddle swinging! 


It's just a scratch.....
Staying fit and healthy in the outdoors is tough. But the danger is not always where you expect it to come from. Eddy tells us how to avoid that surprise injury.
Cold and Frustrated: Stories from Stakeout Episode 5: $10 Unicorn vs 10ft wave [Season Finale]

Season Finale! 

Just as we were settling into a weekly-ish dose of big wave action the weather warms up a bit too much water levels start to settle as the snow melts away. 

So literally dive into the flow with this one and stay locked for more action form Seth and the crew throughout the year.

More than just a boardshort!
Putting on a set of board shorts is not like putting on any other piece of clothing. The board short is so much more than merely a well assembled piece of fabric, the board short is a symbol.
Cold and Frustrated: Stories from Stakeout Episode 4 - Searching for Waves

Dang, the penultimate episode from Seth and the Stakeout crew! 

This week they first get shut down and then they score!  


Cold and Frustrated: Stories from Stakeout Episode 3 Replacing David
As Stake Out continues water levels keep rising and new waves and rivers come into play.  Its time for change with the crew as they take on the huge Gladiator Wave! Tune in for episode 3.
Adventure Cooking - A Recipe for a glorious weekend

Win the weekend. How much can you pack in to a long weekend?

Lowri takes us on a weekend of wheels and waves and cooks up an adventure BBQ.

7 Steps to Successful Scouting

"When I spot a new rapid my mind is much like a three-year-old with his first set of crayons, an unobservant parent, and a white sofa, there are bright, colorful lines everywhere."

You've got to keep one eye on Bren and the other one on the river. 

More top advice on white water kayaking tactics from Bren Orton.

Cold and Frustrated: Stories from Stakeout: Ep2. Dislocated David
More news from the North. Stakeout continues as the snow melt finally happens. Check it out and let us know what you think of this light hearted look through the annual big wave freestyle kayaking tour of Canada.  
Stake Out - Snow Melt and Gambling - Big Wave Video Blog
Seth Ashworth and David Silk are starting a new video blog series for the next month, showcasing their adventures through Canada's spring snow melt big wave season.  Expect to see some big whitewater but also lots of their off river shenanigans and the real life between all the sunshine and rainbows. Keep an eye out for their weekly updates, looks fun!
Back to the primitive: trials in Cornwall...

If you watched any kind of MTB video in the 90s then you can remember the vibe. Thrashin' around doing all kinds of fun stuff. This edit from Rich pearson has that vibe. Just a day of fun on the bike. 

Gorgeous Northumberland - a solo bouldering session
It's not grim up North after all! Natural beauty, peace and quite and most of all classic rock. A great way to spend a day off work.
Hurley Classic 2018 | The Event With Something For Everyone!
A quick recap of the UK's biggest freestyle kayaking event: The Hurley Classic. The birthplace of the Hurley Special Chunky beanie and now the Hot Chocolate Bootie.  A massive international competitors entry list and full vibes abound!
Travel Tips for a Better World
Global adventure and plane rides are inextricably entwined. We are all paying extra for the tree-planting footprint minimising ticket, right? But just realising these issues exist is half the battle. We can work towards having a minimal carbon footprint just by thinking about it. What's a bit more insidious, is the way we are cluttering up (and poisoning) our playgrounds and our food chain with pointless bits of plastic we never really needed in the first place.
Keep the fire burnin' baby - A night at a million star hotel.
Around the campfire is where the best stories are made and told.
5 books that have made me better at kayaking
I have always been a book worm, whenever I have had any sort of question, problem or need I have turned to books. Over the last few years I have stumbled upon a few books that have had a great impact on me and I want to share those books with you.
The lost waves of the North - Surf kayaking Nova Scotia - Part 3

The final part of a wilderness surf vacation to the Cold North West Atlantic. Great waves, amazing scenery and some unwanted guests in the line up. 

Stage 4 UNLEASHED x Uganda: Hair of the Dog Mass Start Race
Sometimes simple is best and this mass start raced proved that like no other.