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Coffee & Cake in the heart of Dartmoor National Park

Wherever you go, whether it's holidays, extended travel or a work trip, as a rule of thumb, if you find good coffee, the trip becomes a whole lot better! 

Now we're not saying that coffee & cake is the be all and end all, but when we were planning our Princetown flagship store, we knew we had to have the best coffee machine and an even better cake selection. 

So what are we using? 

For the coffee we turned to local company Dawn Roasters Coffee Co, we use their 'flagship blend' which a mix of two single estate beans from Brazil and Myanmar. We've also got a selection of their coffee beans for sale in store - whole bean and ground for espresso or cafetière.

For the cake.. well it would be nice if we baked the cakes ourselves, but we've a clothing brand to run! We teamed up with a local family run cake supplier and we're super happy with the selection they provide and yes, we did test them all! 😂

As well as the coffee & cake, we make a pretty special hot chocolate. We use real chocolate swirls, mix them up with super tasty milk from a local Dartmoor farm and serve with a sprinkling of extra swirls that melt in your mouth as you drink... As if that wasn't enough, we've both dark and white chocolate! 😲

Our store can be found in Princetown, bang in the middle of Dartmoor National Park. It's open 10am - 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday. We've got free WIFI, good vibes and a bike rack right outside.

Come join us for a coffee!
Rory, Jayne, Ewart & Stuart look forward to meeting you. 

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