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Bouldering at Garleigh Crag

Easter bank holiday weekend turned out to be a roasting hot gorgeous weekend everywhere by the sounds of things but it was for sure here in the Northeast. No water to kayak and a bit on the warm side for climbing hard so an ideal time to go check out some local less visited spots. Although I've been bouldering in Northumberland for years there are still many a place I'm yet to visit! We had a look at the guidebook and chose to head up to Garleigh Crag near Simonside. The guidebook showed enough problems to keep us busy for an afternoon with a varied amount of difficulty but quite a few in the easier grades, Ideal for a sunny potter!

The walk in took about 20 mins and when we arrived there was no doubts we were there as we were welcomed by an awesome boulder that drew us in straight away, great quality rock and not too dirty for a not so visited crag either. Super nice flat landing too, always a bonus! The rock was varied but all in all a nice place to be with good views too, we did need to do a bit of cleaning on some of the problems but that was to be expected.

We did quite a bit of climbing and I did give a few of the harder problems a go which I will need to go back for but I'm psyched to go back! I also found out that theres some other problems there not in the guide book which I'm keen to go back and try too, one of which I looked at and was surprised that it wasn't in.

I'm really glad we went there and it's now made me want to go check out other places I haven't visited yet. Ideal summer after work goal as I work in Northumberland anyway. There's certain crags I really love going to but sometimes taking the risk and heading elsewhere will be a winner, just Like bank holiday Monday was! Question is where to next?


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