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Colorado Tour Part 1: CKS Paddle fest

If you didn’t know, the Colorado Tour consists of a number of different events each weekend across the state for a month. You can choose different events, but my Colorado Tour will consist of CKS paddle fest, Lyons outdoor games and GoPro mountain games before I travel to Idaho for a different event.

 Paddler: Zofia Tula, Photographer: Cat Hardman

 1st Zofia Tula gets sideways

CKS Paddle Fest is an awesome event in the small town of Buena Vista which consisted of a freestyle competition, a down river race and some other events like a climbing competition. This year, the freestyle event was also the American National Championships. I was relatively happy with a 6thplace finish behind some awesome ladies but being 16points off making finals I knew I could have definitely done that.

Womens results

My favourite part about the festival was that every kayaker is camped out in the parking lot together, so you paddle together, socialise together and make some great new friends. Here’s to the next event!

Team JK did pretty well overall taking the top 3 spots in the ladies comp. 

Must have been the Freefall Tee power! 




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