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Top 5 tips for Bouldering at Fontainebleau

Tom & Lee have just got back from a week of climbing in Fontainebleau and we asked them to share some tops tips to make the most out of your trip if you are heading that way!

Fontainebleau is an absolute bouldering mecca; for anyone getting in the sport, all the way through to the gnarly dudes smashing out 8bs!

We love a trip to Font and think you would too! So here’s our 5 top tips for a Fontainebleau bouldering trip.

1. Get a guide book

Fontainebleau Guide Book

Font forest is massive and has enough bouldering problems to keep you challenged for a lifetime. The bouldering challenges fall into two categories; single problems and circuits. The circuits are normally made up of about 30-40 different problems all linked together, with arrows and numbers painted on the rocks, colour coded grades from kid friendly greens to pro purples. The best way to navigate your way around is by getting hold of a guide book. There are a couple to choose from but they all list where the top problems are, how to access them, maps detailing parking areas and great details of graded routes.

2. Bring a friend

Bouldering with a friend

Font is about a 7 hour drive from the sunny south coast of England, which can feel like a long way on your own, so bring a friend! They make it pretty useful when paying the tolls on the péage (French motorways) but also spotting you on the climbs and cheering you on to topping out a problem!

3. Brush off your feet and go easy on the chalk

Fontainebleau bouldering chalk

All of the boulders in font are made of sandstone. As it has become so popular the volume of climbers is increasing every year and as an effect the rocks get a lot of use. As most of the boulders are surrounded by sand, they slowly get eroded away by the sand left on your feet.  If you also climb with a lot of chalk on your hands the chalk left on the rock can actually damage the rock, forming slippery patches and holds, making the problems even harder! So go easy on the stuff and make sure you always brush off your feet before jumping on the rock.

4.Take a crash pad or three…..

Bouldering Matt

It's easy to get carried away when you’re a just one more hold from topping out, but some of those boulders are pretty high! So make sure you take a couple of mats. More the merrier in some cases, as falling onto a tree root or another boulder will quickly bring your trip to a crashing low. They also make a pretty comfy seat for picnics in-between climbs, or even afternoon naps!

5. Don’t forget your slack line!

Fontainebleau Slackline

After a big day on the rock and when your arm pump is so bad, you can hardly open your French twist-top beer, what are you going to do all evening!?!? Get on your slack line! It’s a great way to chill out around the campsite and keep you entertained all evening, although be warned, navigating your way to the loos for a midnight twinkle can turn into a mission impossible scene, with lines being strung up from any tree in the campsite!


Tom & Lee
Tom & Lee
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