Stage 3 UNLEASHED x Uganda: Nile Special
The UNLEASHED scoring system adds a twist, it's not just about the tricks you pull off, but how you execute them.
Stage 2 UNLEASHED x Uganda: Dead Dutchman Boater X
Despite the incredibly high skill level of the athletes everyone was somewhere between scared, nervous and excited with a handful of athletes choosing not to race at all.
The lost waves of the North - Surf kayaking in Nova Scotia. Part 2

Part 2:

I remember arriving at the peak in time to watch the wind whip the top of a wave off creating a spectacular rainbow and showering me with spray.


Stage 1 UNLEASHED x Uganda: Cuban Wave Big Trick
The lower part of the rapid is guarded by monstrous holes and spectators hearts were in their mouths as competitors came dangerously close to taking a beating in one of these monstrous hydraulics after flushing off the wave.
The lost waves of the North - Surf kayaking Nova Scotia Part 1
Wilderness, waves and wind. Doug goes in search of surf up north.
Our back yard. Play days at Dewerstone
How to stay young (at heart). Keep playing and play in your own back yard.
All roads lead to Uganda for UNLEASHED
We kick off 2018 with a bang, sponsoring the Unleashed event on the Nile in Uganda.
Big Banana - 128 feet of Kayaking Freefall in Mexico!
Eventually I came to the conclusion that it was merely a serious of unfortunate set backs, that perhaps it was a test or an opportunity to reflect on why I actually wanted do this.
5 Top Tips to the perfect 'Dawn Raid'
We love a Dawny or Dawn Raid. It really is the best way to start a day no matter what you love doing. This time its white water kayaking and Eddy gives us 5 top tips on how to make the best of your early start. 
Kernowfornia - Cornish Winter sun.
Sunshine, beaches and bikes. Rich P shares some West Coast Love.
[Video] Final instalment of Adventures in Argentina.

Seth: Why does Dane Jackson paddle a pink boat?

Nick: To be more like a salmon.

[Video] Adventures in Argentina. Episode 3
The Freestyle Kayaking World Championships shenanigans continue!
Where to whitewater kayak in Spring - Destination Verzasca Valley
Why the Verzasca Valley should be high on your to do list this Spring.
Lunchtime laps on the River Erme, Dartmoor
We can check the levels anytime we want, get out for a quick lunchtime lap and be back in the shop in less than an hour.
[Video] Adventures in Argentina. Episode 2.
A taste of life in Argentina and thanksgiving with the Jackson Kayaks family.
[VIDEO] Adventures in Argentina. Episode 1
Check out Seth Ashworth's new video as he spends a couple of weeks in Argentina for Freestyle Kayak World Champs.  He is trying to show us some of the other epic stuff from this location instead of just the kayaking...
How to be safer on the river without going on a SRT course!
Keep calm and make good choices.
The Village of Wae Rebo
Getting to the foot of the trek up to the village of Wae Rebo is an experience in itself.
Brens Park Jam 2017, what a blast. 
It was epic, so much fun, so tiring, but every stop was awesome in it's own way.
Teifi Tour
Friday: A few hours drive to west wales was on the cards for over 300 students this Friday. The sun was shining, the River Legacy Team was busy preparing the huge tent which would later become the buzzing venue for...
Bren's first year at Sickline
  Throughout kayaking’s history many races have come and gone but there is one that has been around almost from the beginning of extreme kayak racing and has maintained it’s position as one of the top races in the world,...