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Nile Special - The most famous wave in freestyle

There has been so much written about the White Nile in Uganda. Even more so about its most famous wave, Nile Special. 

With the construction of the Isimba Dam, Nile Special and other rapids have been lost to flooding of the reservoirs.  However, there are still plenty of amazing rapids to be paddled there with some of the biggest, warmest water you could ever paddle.

As a white water kayaking destination its definitely still worth going to. With paddlers still traveling there it will continue to support the tourism trade that we as paddlers have in a large part created and the local communities have had to adapt to. 

We do owe it to other river communities to fight for free flowing rivers and against damning other rivers now that the fight for Nile Special has been lost. 

Check out this gallery and fill your mind with stoke and fire. 

Nile River Festival. This is what Nile Special was all about. People coming together from all corners of the world to celebrate this thing call kayaking.
Front surf forever. dewerstone sales guy Ewart has a need for speed
Bren Orton and dewerstone boss Rory planning the next big air
Team talk. Bren and Rory lining up the next airscrew.
Party wave!
Party Wave. Nothing but fun times allowed. 
 Dane o Jackson going big
Dane O Jackson going all backwards upside downy.
Lowri Davies flipping her way to fun


Help us help the people and environment affected by the building of this dam.  For every Nile Special T shirt sold we will donate a percentage of the sales to the Bubugo Conservation Trust




dewerstone x Palm Nile Special tee 

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