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Life in Oetz


The summer season of kayaking is mostly coming to an end. The snow has already melted, the rivers are becoming lower and the weather is making a slow march towards temperatures where it is best to put the life shorts away and be well wrapped up.

Keen to squeak out the last few days of summer, I flew to Austria to meet up with one of my best mates, Adrian Mattern.

We are currently living in Oetz and are thoroughly enjoying the last few days of summer here.

We start off our day with some early morning laps down the Wellebrucke section, the temperature in the morning before the sun descends down into the valley is nippy to say the least.

We finish our river run and have breakfast on the balcony outside our room.

Later in the day we go for a run through the valley and finish off by taking a dip in the river - the water her is bloody freezing…

From there we hang out in the sun for a little bit in the afternoon before going back to the river for some more laps.

We normally do a small bodyweight workout straight afterwards and round out the day by having dinner with friends and hanging out.

I love the lifestyling in Oetz and I love that for now I get to wear my life shorts for just a little bit longer in Europe. The only downside is that in amidst my packing I left what is currently my favourite dewerstone hoodie at home! (damnit).

With or without the Sickline race, this is still an amazing place to be.

See you on the water,
Bren Orton


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