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New year, New you, Same planet.

As one year closes and another opens. We are presented with an opportunity to look back over the past twelve months and make plans for the coming year. Society in early January is awash with people setting new years resolutions, many of these are narcissistic – which is completely fine and positively encouraged. I myself have the spent the last few years solely trying to be the smartest, strongest and sickest kayaker that I can be. However, there are much more pressing issues than you dropping the Christmas pounds and me not being able to double airscrew (yet).

The issues that I am talking about are climate change, eco system disruption and pollution. These are widespread, complex issues, fortunately the solution to some of these problems is simple.

Plastic pollution and especially the outbreak of micro plastics is one of the biggest issues we face. However it is also one of the easiest problems to resolve. We will simply use less, single use plastic in the future.

This year I encourage and challenge all of you to reduce your plastic consumption where possible. The three everyday products that I will aim to cut out are; plastic shopping bags, plastic water bottles and single use coffee cups. I will replace them with a set of tote bags, a dws bamboo coffee cup and a dewerstone water bottle. I have passively tried to carry these products over the past year but I have failed many a time because of laziness, poor planning and general forgetfulness.

Despite what some people may have you think, there is no right and wrong when it comes to making lifestyle choices that affect the planet. There is only bad and less bad. There is no way that we can do no harm to the planet and there is a complicated, ever growing list of things we can do to be better but one of the best and simplest ways to start, is to stop using single use plastics. 

This year I ask you to not only strive for personal goals but to also join the movement to protect the planet.


I should add here I am writing this on the dewerstone blog, am sponsored by them and use all of their products. However,I am not encouraging you to go out and buy any of these things mentioned unless you need them. A standard mug, an old rucksack and other water bottles can work just fine as well. However, the reason I carry these products is because;

The tote bags are light weight, relatively strong and pack up really small.

The coffee cup is sleek, stylish and a great size for me, perfect for an 8oz flat white.  It even fits in my coat pocket, super useful when I don’t have my backpack on me.

The water bottle is also a great size. Slips in my pocket and bags, BPA free, takes a few knocks and most importantly not made out of plastic.


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