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How to make the best out of a long travel day

I have been on the road non stop for the past eight years, during that time and in an effort to keep travel costs down I have endured fifty-two hour layovers and 120+ hour cross country USA drives. These are the extremes of a long journey and I hope that none of you ever have to spend fifty-two hours in Istanbul Airport. However, if you do, below are some of my top tips on how to make the best out of a long travel day. These also work well on shorter, hour long journeys as well!

1. Hydrate

Flying dehydrates your body and can leave you feeling like you have a hangover but without having participated in any fun the night before. Drink.More.Water (from a reusable bottle). 

2. Pack some toys

You know that feeling when you become entirely engrossed in something, look up at your watch and suddenly realize that you are late to work, the food on the stove has burnt and the sink is over flowing? Welcome to a day in my life. This is the feeling that we are striving for during long layovers, pack your books, your laptop, your games, your headphones, your Sudoku book or whatever else piques your interest and get lost in it. 

3. Stay on point

When we are travelling there is only one thing at the top of our to-do list. Get to the destination. Set an alarm on your watch for when you have to be at the airport gate and be aware of time changes!

4. Bring snacks

In the past I would avoid eating at airports because of the price, now my desire to avoid airport snacks mainly stems from trying to reduce my plastic pollution and I still take offence to the "airport" tax on delicious snacks. Pack some snacks for the journey, smuggle part of your in-flight meal away or go hungry... " A man's got to believe in something... and I believe that I will never pay more than 10p for a Freddo the frog chocolate bar. No matter how delicious it looks in Birmingham airport at 3am. 

5. Move

I struggle to sit still at the best of times but when I am bored it feels like an impossible challenge. I also find that sitting still for too long makes me feel groggy and my hips and back especially start to feel stiff. I like to get up and go explore the plane, check the pilot doesn't need me to takeover and stretch my legs. I also used to crank out some press ups and squats but having had several air stewardesses look at me as if I am conjuring dark magic in front of them, I have stopped this practice. 

6. Get time zone ready

As soon as I step on a plane I adjust my watch to the destinations time and try to go to sleep at times that make sense in the country I am travelling to. Your body has an inner rhythm named your circadian clock, this controls your natural energy levels and wake up times, it takes a while to adjust but the sooner you start the sooner you will be on point at your travel destination. 

7. Why no tip number seven you ask?

Well, that's because I am late for my train while writing this. Rule number three doods! Rule number three. 

Best of luck with your travels in 2019 and I hope you all get up to some awesome adventures this year!



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