Bren’s park jam | River Active | Llangollen - dewerstone

Bren’s park jam | River Active | Llangollen

I was so excited to hold the second stage of the park jam at River Active on the Dee. 

This spot is my original stomping grounds and I have spent thousands of hours on the water here.

At high water this river is one of the best *big water freestyle spots in the UK at low water I think it is one of the best places out there to work on core freestyle fundamentals, develop creativity and have an awesome time on the water. 

We had low water on the day which I personally think was really cool as it enabled a huge range of people with different abilities to come kayaking with me. I also relished the opportunity to show people that even if the water is low, there are still some really good moves to be had. I had absolute ninja’s such as Matt Taylor and Daniel Jones join me and I also had a couple of people who were just starting out as kayakers come out on the water.


We sessioned all the main spots and I also got to show people some moves that rarely get done but that I used to love doing when I was a kid here. 

My favorite moment of the day was watching a 14 year old kid named Ellis hit his first ever front flip, I  am really excited to see that there is a new, young group of mini senders progressing on this river.



Huge thanks to everyone that came out, I had an awesome day on the water!

Catch you all next time!


Check out the video from the day below!

Big thanks to @saveourrivers for coming and filming and Allan Potts for the photos!



*big is relative. It is big water for the UK…!

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