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Off Season Colorado Kayaking

Making the decision to study in Colorado for the year was a no brainer for me. However, I didn’t realise that I was moving to the state when they had their driest ever season which is now over.

 The community here is one of the friendliest I’ve ever met. From the first week of arriving I’d been adopted and been taken to the river, given a bed (or tent) and introduced to the other locals. But, where do you go kayaking when there is supposed to be no kayaking left to be had?

 Gore Canyon is one of the few rivers in Colorado that runs year-round, it just gets a little low and cold at times. It is a beautiful class 4/5 canyon that cuts through the mountains with a trainline running next to it. My kayaks hadn’t arrived in time for Gore Fest, so I couldn’t race but the community here is incredible. I was put in a raft to run the river and set safety for the race. Best weekend ever.

 Next stop was Bailey Fest, the very last festival of the year. Bailey is another stunning class 4/5 run that has a completely different style to Gore. It is run off dam release, so it runs during winter when there isn’t any water anywhere else, you just need to catch it when you can. This time my kayak had arrived, and Bailey Fest did not disappoint with 30-degree life shorts weather in the day and beanie weather at night for the party.


Bailey Fest kayaking

Finally, M Wave.  It’s world famous and a must do. It’s also well hid and when you get given the location you have to rally. This green wave only comes in during fall and is the perfect place to learn to fly especially when there aren’t many other places to go to anymore. Another best weekend ever.

M Wave Freestyle Kayaking


Life shorts weather indeed. 

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