Rory joins Seth Ashworth on his latest podcast - dewerstone

Rory joins Seth Ashworth on his latest podcast

Here at dewerstone HQ we're big fans of Seths 'Questions you never thought to ask whitewater kayak' podcast - who'd have thought there would be an entire episode out there just talking to Bren and Dane about kayaking memes. Serious stuff 😂

Fast forward to episode #43 and Seth goes in on the history and the WHY with dewerstone founder, Rory Atton. 

Covering everything from where the word 'dewerstone' comes from, what started it all, what we're doing now and where we're going in the future. Theres even a giveaway in to an exciting new retail location.. and WAY more!

Seth Ashworth:
This week I chat with the founder of dewerstone, A UK based company that cares about the environment AND IS ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! We talk about all the things they are doing to make a difference for the environment and ways in which they are being (and leading) the change that they want to see in the world, as well as some ideas for what people can do in the future.


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