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Why do we need to protect rivers?

The short answer is that in this mad man made world of ours, the river cannot protect itself. 

Just because a river is in a National Park, does not make it safe from development. 

For example, the Conwy in Wales. Not only was the land where the hydro scheme was proposed to be built within Snowdonia National Park, it was on land owned by the National Trust. 

Just going to say that again, it was on land owned by the National Trust, in a National Park.


Starting to think this is a bit ridiculous?

We're talking about the land just above Conwy Falls - the same Conwy Falls that was voted as Landmark of the Year by Countryfile magazine in 2017, as nominated by former director general of the National Trust, Dame Fiona Reynolds. 

At the risk of sounding a little like a comedian and repeating the punchline again; it was on land owned by the National Trust, in a National Park.

The good news is that the Conwy was saved, through the tireless efforts of Save Our Rivers and many likeminded people who care about the environment in which they love to enjoy.  

The fight continues..

Right now, there are active campaigns to Save the heart of Kendal, Stop the Trumpen Dam and Save Cym Cynfal

Save Our Rivers give local people that care the tools to fight.  Tools that have actively prevented hydro schemes, prevented dams being built and kept the rivers flowing free.

We know our time will come right here on Dartmoor and with the help of Save Our Rivers we'll be ready to take action. Supporting Save Our Rivers now, not only means can we help them with their current campaigns, we can help them build on the tools that will help people like ourselves in the future, as and when help is needed.

It is our responsibility to protect the environment our brand is founded upon.

One of the ways in which we support Save Our Rivers is through our 1% for the Planet commitment. We give 1% of our annual sales, (total sales not just profits!) to environmental non profit organisations. 

We also make a dewerstone x Save Our Rivers t shirt where proceeds go directly to Save Our Rivers. Available in select stores including Snow + Rock and Cotswold Outdoor.

For more information, to find our how you can help or to donate directly, check out Save Our Rivers.

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