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Life Shorts 2.0 - Why I love them. Bren's perspective.

When I first got involved with dewerstone, they had a few t-shirts they had screen printed themselves, in a garage. That was it, they had no experience, no idea where they were going or what the brand would become. 

Fast forward six years and it's clear to see what passion and a solid work ethic can do.

Led by an eco friendly ethos, a drive to make change and a solid crew behind the scenes, they've made some great products. My favourite being their signature product line, the Life Shorts 2.0.

Put simply, these are the reasons why I live in them:


Travelled in, worked in, trained in, lived in. Any one that's seen me in the last few years has seen me living in the life shorts. From Warrington to Zambia and everywhere in between, they've been my go to for longer than I can remember!

They stay put

You put board shorts on in the summer and when you’re engaging with all the activities that go along with it. Whether you are jumping into a pool, going kayaking, surfing or taking part in other water sports and summer activities the life shorts 2.0 keep up with you and stay right where you left them, around your waist. Unlike other shorts I have had other years that have threatened to display my dignity to the world.

The right length

I like the balance between style and functionality. They are long enough to look good and short enough to not catch on my knee. You would not believe how annoying that can be if you're running.


At first glance you wont even see the pockets, this is important because pockets are not cool. However, the life shorts feature two deep, zip pockets that allow me to carry everything from my card wallet and change for ice cream van to my phone, headphones and even my kindle. The zip is key too, nobody wants to lose their ice cream money when jumping into the pool or rolling around on the beach.

Quick drying

As it says on the tin, big fan of how fast these things dry out.


The shorts are made out of recycled plastic bottles. As long as the material is as durable as a new material, we should be using recycled materials wherever possible. I'm stoked that the Life Shorts 2.0 material is recycled and super durable!

We've gotta give respect to companies that are trying to be better and back the ones that are putting the effort in.

Genuinely I think the Life Shorts 2.0 are the best board shorts on the planet.

Stylish, versatile and eco friendly. What’s not to like?


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