Black Friday is.. NOT FOR US.

Black Friday is.. NOT FOR US.

Black Friday at dewerstone is DENIED.

At dewerstone, we're well know for our firm stand against Black Friday. We believe this event, known for its massive sales and seemingly great deals, is actually a harmful celebration of excessive consumerism and wasteful culture, which contradicts our values.

The Harsh Reality of Black Friday

Black Friday poses significant harm to our planet and its inhabitants. It often involves purchasing unnecessary items, burdening both the workers who produce them and the environment. Many Black Friday deals aren't even genuine bargains.

A 2022 study by Which? revealed that 98% of these so-called discounts were available for the same or lower prices at other times of the year. This suggests that Black Friday sales often involve outdated stock or products created specifically for discounting—a practice that encourages unnecessary production and consumption.

The Problem with Fast Fashion

The fast fashion industry, already known for its polluting and exploitative practices, exacerbates the problem by producing more items for these sales. Massive discounts, like those offered by Pretty Little Thing, promote a throwaway culture. Research indicates that 80% of purchases made during Black Friday end up in landfills, incineration, or low-quality recycling.

Questioning Business Practices

Many businesses use Black Friday to clear old stock and make room for new products, perpetuating a harmful cycle of overproduction. This raises questions about the responsibilities of brands and their prioritisation of profit over sustainability.

Our Role as Consumers

As consumers, we have the power to change this by not participating in Black Friday sales. Decreased sales can encourage businesses to reconsider their strategies and practices.

Our Approach

Instead of participating in Black Friday, we focuses on positive actions and sustainable practices throughout the year. We choose to spend the actual day outdoors as a team, enjoying each others company and reflecting on our commitment to doing good every day.

We're grateful to our community for supporting dewerstone and our mission every other day of the year.

Get on board

Feel free to use and share the images. Drop us a DM on Instagram @dewerstone and we'll send them to you. BLACK FRIDAY SUCKS. Deny it. Cancel it.

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