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B Corp Month | Dartmoor Clean

Taking Moor Care 🏔

We kicked off B Corp Month in style by shutting our stores and heading out to help protect the wild places we love. We joined forces for this clean up with businesses & individuals all over the UK, as part of the Surfers Against Sewage Million Mile Clean.

The Route📍

Once we had grabbed our bags, litter pickers and filled up on coffee (obviously), we set off. We decided to cover the 2.4 Mile stretch, the road leading out from Princetown towards Yelverton. 
In case you didn't know, at our Princetown store, we offer free litter pickers - read more here.
Here's a visual layout of the route:

This route is known within the team for its litter drops and amongst the locals, 'vehicular incidents' - meaning debris, and a lot of it, especially on the day we set off.

A Team Effort 🙌

As we planned on getting everything we could, we knew that would mean stumbling across heavier items, such as tyres, scaffolding poles...you name it. So with that being the case, we took the team van out to the further point on the map. 

The way it worked was simple, the team of 7 broke down into three separate groups of 2 (Jack was the odd one out but someone had to take the pictures...👀). From there, we would have a grabber and bagger with someone documenting what was being found. 

Chelsie was one of the documenters. The list was fairly simple, we had broken down a double sided A4 into types of items and the worst polluters we could think off and know products of theirs can be found (Cough Coca Cola Cough)

The (Sad) Findings 🚯

Considering we were only out for a good few hours, it's shocking the amount of rubbish we found and collected. Some of these items include:

• Enough car parts to effectively build a new car 🚗

• An (almost) full McDonalds Meal 🍔

• 750 Cigarettes butts 🚬

In those hours, we collected a (whopper)ing 26.1kg of rubbish and recycling. All found on the road to Princetown from Yelverton. Crazy. The sad part was we saw the real time effect and damage this was having on the environment and inhabitants.

Readers, meet the Dartmoor residents, the ponies, horses and sheep.

Bex, one of the dewerstone crew was telling us that when it comes to feeding time, the local residents often scour the roadside and ground nearby. The only problem is that more often than not, this is the 'food' they go for:

Yup, from car parts, shoes to lots of microplastics, it isn't good news. In one 5 metre spot we picked up over 100 fragments of plastic, all from car headlights and bumpers.

The Total Amount ♻️

After weighing, measuring and sorting, we came to the total amount of 


Broken down, this included:
• 3.27Kg Recyclables (plastic bottles & cans)
• 5.57kg Generic rubbish (including 750 cigarette butts!)
• 10.96Kg Car parts (Bits of bumper, headlight, wing mirrors etc!)
• 6Kg Tyre

The Next Step 🚶‍♀️

We have now submitted the data from our haul as part of the Million Mile Clean. Surfers Against Sewage will then use all the data provided to call out the biggest plastic polluters and lobby the government for legislative change. 

Working together 🌍

It's really easy to get involved with the Million Mile clean either by joining a clean up or organising your own.What are you waiting for? Get involved any take action to protect the wild places you love!
- the dewerstone crew -

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  • Kim Bartlett

    Well done…I wondered what was happening as I drove from Yelverton. Sad reflection on our society that all this rubbish was found.

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