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Surfers Against Sewage // Paddle Out Protest

Cut The Crap 💩🚫

On Saturday 20th May, Ocean Activists across the UK joined forces with Surfers Against Sewage to demand water companies stop making a profit from pollution.

With the ultimate goal to say no to sewage in our blue spaces - effectively, we've had enough of your shit.

We joined one of the 12 protests happening in the UK, in Warleigh Weir, Bath. This particular gathering was hosted by the team over at Earth Minutes. 

"Say it loud, say it clear - no more dirty water here!" Emma Askew, founder of Earth Minutes leading the charge!

From Edinburgh all the way down to Falmouth, hundreds of passionate paddlers and ocean lovers came together with a united goal of speaking up for our rivers and oceans to end sewage pollution.


The Sad Reality 

"The UK sewage system is at breaking point. It’s under huge strain from a growing population and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events caused by climate change. Built on a Victorian system, our decaying sewage infrastructure is in desperate need of investment.

But rather than spending money where it’s needed, water companies are stuffing their pockets with our money while failing environmental targets and pillaging our waterways. They continue to get away with regularly dumping untreated sewage into our blue spaces for millions of hours every year whilst regulators and The Government turn a blind eye. This needs to stop now."  - Surfers Against Sewage

There were 301,091 sewage spills in 2022, according to Environment Agency data - the equivalent of 824 a day. 



Water UK, the governing body for water companies apologised for the sewage scandal and promised £10bn of investment to improve our antiquated sewage system. 

"The message from the water and sewage industry today is clear - we are sorry" Water UK's chair Ruth Kelly

But an apology just won't cut it so...

What we can do? 🙌

Through collective efforts of campaigning throughout the country, the message is getting heard, apologies are being made and progress is happening. But it doesn't end here, far from it. Here are some of the ways you can help out:

Join Surfers Against Sewage in signing their Dirty Money Petition to demand an end to profiting from pollution.

"For too long water companies have been regularly pumping untreated sewage into our rivers and seas, racking up enormous fines and making huge financial losses, but still paying out millions of pounds to their shareholders. And it needs to stop." - SAS

Inform yourselves and raise awareness - try to keep in the loop, learn from others and challenge those in power starting with demanding action from your local MP.

The Goal 🌏 

Surfers Against Sewage are demanding to end sewage discharges into UK bathing waters and a 90% reduction in sewage discharges by 2030. 

From our collective group of 80 people in Warleigh Weir, the energy was unmatched, there is a real want for change and we're optimistic by working together.

Let’s collectively #EndSewagePollution

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