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From Awareness to Action // Renewable Energy


Recently dewerstone founder, Rory, hosted a free webinar with fellow B Corps, Water Skills Academy and Dryrobe, discussing what positive environmental actions you can take as an individual and as a business.


For those who weren't able to attend, we wanted to break down the main points covered in the conversation through a series of blogs. See the first entry in this series about Sustainable Banking.

Renewable Energy - What is it? 👀

Simply put, Renewable Energy is derived from natural resources that can be replenished over time and are not finite. This includes solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass energy sources. Unlike non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, renewable energy sources have a lower impact on the environment and can be harnessed in a sustainable way. 

We can get in to why some of those sources aren't as good as they are cracked up to be another time. For now we want to focus on the switch away from fossil fuels.

Overall, green energy offers a more sustainable, secure, and cost-effective way to power our homes, businesses, and communities, while reducing our impact on the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Green Energy suppliers 🌍


Talking with our fellow B Corps, Dryrobe they shared that 100% of their energy is renewable, which is awesome. Water Skills Academy have no central office, but encourage anyone working from home to go renewable and have a policy in place to help facilitate this. 

We're with Opus Energy and Octopus Energy, who both only provide renewable energy. Octopus is also a B Corp!


We were all in agreement that renewable energy still comes at a price, however if we want to see energy change on a scale that is going to effect climate change, that is a price we have to be willing to pay.

Who to choose?

Whilst the list of green energy suppliers is growing, the most important choice you can make is to choose a supplier that only does renewable energy.

There's nothing green about churning out the fossil fuels and doing a bit of the green on the side.

There are a couple of energy suppliers in the UK that are certified B Corporations, which means they meet certain social and environmental standards, meaning that not only are they good with the products they sell, they are a business that's in it for good - literally the opposite of most energy suppliers who are all in it for money.

      1. Octopus (B Corp)
      2. Good Energy (B Corp)
      3. Ecotricity
      4. Opus

Suppliers that only supply energy from renewable sources are key, those are the ones to switch to.

Make the change 🙌

Switching right now is difficult, the price of energy across the board is crazy. However being informed and ready to switch when you can is a great next step.

      1. Check your current supplier. Are they green?
      2. When can you switch?
      3. Find out about renewable suppliers
      4. Plan to make the switch

Final thoughts 🙌

Renewable energy comes at a price, however if we want to see energy change on a scale that is going to effect climate change, that is a price we have to be willing to pay. 



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