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Top 5 Dartmoor Walks


Dartmoor is a hive of activity for those who embrace the outdoor lifestyle. From the flowing rivers to the endless trails, it is a place where you can venture far on a sunny day and embrace the elements of the wilderness on another. The landscape that surrounds us acts as a constant reminder of what we live to enjoy, and serve to protect.
We'll be honest, narrowing down our top 5 locations is pretty hard because, well, if you've ever visited Dartmoor, you'll know every part is beautiful and worth exploring. So grab your boots, best friends and let's go exploring!



First up is the iconic Dewerstone woods - sound familiar? Well this location, specifically the dewerstone crag is what inspired us for our brand name. The Dewerstone woods truly are the gateway to outdoor adventure; with walking routes by the river, dense oak woodland and even rock climbing, you couldn't ask for more.
Getting there is super easy, with a carpark right at the entrance.
Simply enter these details into your GPS: PL7 5HD
The walking route consists of granite pathways through woodland and alongside the river, with a short uphill section followed by a flat walk and a gentle descent. Expect it to be muddy or rocky in places! 
For the specific walking route directions, check out this National Trust page on the Dewerstone.


Bellever Forest is definitely a top favourite amongst the team, and there's a load of reason(s). Not only does Bellever Forest hold some of the best tree-bathing routes, but also offers tranquility like no other, especially when kicking back by the East Dart river at the bottom of the forest.

Bellever has two main entrances, the one we'd recommend for quick accessibility is the one at Postbridge, 
 between Moretonhampstead and Two Bridges.
Postcode is: Yelverton PL20 6TU.
This allows you to park up in the Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre carpark or if slight busy, across the road in the over flow. Once you're parked and ready to go, you can either do the circular walking route amongst the trees, or take on the exhilarating walk up to Bellever Tor. 
 If you wanted to to experience a walk along the East Dart river, then drive further up the road until you reach the next entrance (about a 5 minute drive).
Postcode is: Yelverton PL20 6TT.
Jack from the dewerstone team (aka, me, hi!) has a real love for Bellever and is easily his favourite Dartmoor spot, he often visits here for Astrophotography, occasional picnic with friends and general mental health resets - the best place for it!



Close to our Princetown home and store, Foggintor Quarry can make for a great day out. It's a gorgeous body of water surrounded by cliffs and makes for an awesome Wether you're looking for a relaxed spot by the water to pull out a book (weather dependant of course!) or want a nice circular route then this is the place. For parking, we'd recommend parking in Princetown as it's about a 30 minute walk and makes for a nice circular route.
The route could vary depending on what you're looking for, but we'd suggest following the old¬†railway track out of Princetown towards Foggintor Quarry ūüôĆ
Plus, another benefit of it being so close to our store is when you get back, pop in and we'll fire up that coffee machine for you, and you can grab a post adventure brownie...
Ewart from the dewerstone team mentions that there is some highly underrated climbing routes at the Quarry, and the location makes for a great picnic spot. 
Good times at Foggintor Quarry from our 2021 Black Friday day out - find out more here.


Finally, one of our team favourite locations, Burrator Reservoir. Why? Well, because the whole area that surrounds it is so expansive, you are very much spoilt for choice. If you're looking for a nice circular route along the water, then look no further, just park up by the Burrator Quarry car park. 
Postcode is: FXR3+9J Yelverton
From here, you can virtually walk along the signposted lake level footpath, or along the Devonport Leat - so many options, and that's just around the Quarry! 
One of our favourites is Leather Tor, its a bit of a steep climb up from lake level but is truly worth it for the views towards Plymouth Sound, the River Tamar and Cornwall! It even has a small ridge line scramble for the agile hiker. 
Bex from the dewerstone team loves heading out here, often hiking around the moor, especially Leather Tor. She mentions when it's a clear day, you can see all the way to Plymouth!


This Tor is quite literally our backgarden and serves as a great and quick escape to the moors when needed. Park at the main carpark in Princetown and just head up the track at the side of the Plume of Feathers pub and you'll be guaranteed a stunning view. All though there maybe a short but not to demanding hill, it's easy an easy track and family friendly. 
Chelsie, our Princetown store manager often frequents this Tor and has fond memories visiting it when we were in the thick of the pandemic, where she would use it to watch the beautiful sunsets over Princetown. 



Up next is a Dartmoor classic, Haytor. Easily one of the most popular destinations for Dartmoor fans. The tor and the area surrounding it is super interesting and well worth exploring, especially if you're with the family!

The best carpark is the National Park Visitor Centre, which also has, you guessed it, a Visitor Centre, great for learning more information.

Postcode is: TQ13 9XT

From either of the car parks for Haytor, it is really easy to reach the iconic volcanic outcrop. There are different footpaths all leading up a hill to the top. Once you reach the top, expect amazing views of Dartmoor.(if the weather is good!) But the fun doesn't end there, when you're descending back, take a little detour to Haytor Quarry!

If you want more of a longer journey, we'd recommend heading out from Haytor to Houndtor, just 2 miles north, expect about a 40 minute walk there! Something worth checking out (alongside taking everything in) is at the base of the tor, where the remains of an abandoned medieval village lie, known as Hundatora, a deserted medieval village. In summary, a great hike with some fascinating history - what more could you want!

Kristin from the dewerstone team personally loves this route and specifically Hound Tor, as it was her first ever tor she hiked when moving to the UK! ūüôĆ


So that about wraps it up, a small glimpse into some of our teams favourite locations on Dartmoor. We highly recommend that this January, you start the year off right and take in the beauty that is our home, Dartmoor. And whilst you're doing it, why not grab a bag or litter picker and clean up, after-all it's everyones responsibility to protect the places we love.


- the dewerstone team -


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