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Black Friday | we’re just not in to it

As previous Black Fridays, we decided to shut down our stores, offices and warehouses, we’re just not in to it.

On a day that encourages mass consumerism and stress on the workforce, our answer is to kick the trend and do our own thing.

Instead, we decided to head out on an awesome hike across our home turf Dartmoor. Ewart kindly supplied the team with a team treasure hunt, which meant we had to work together and basically...not get lost.

We also all used this chance to pick up any litter we came across - It was great to spend time together protecting the environment we love.

Being based in Dartmoor National Park gives us such a unique perspective on the environment around us, it’s absolutely beautiful and as a team we were stoked to head out and and enjoy it.

Today is a day that our team will remember for all the right reasons.

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