Black Friday SUCKS.. Don't fool for it

Black Friday SUCKS.. Don't fool for it

The allure of Black Friday is undeniable, with its promise of incredible deals and one-time offers. However, this event is less about genuine bargains and more about fueling mass consumerism. Many of the so-called 'deals' are not as exclusive or beneficial as they appear.

The Illusion of Deals

Research has repeatedly shown that Black Friday deals aren't always the best bargains. For instance, a study by Which? in 2022 found that 98% of discounted items during Black Friday were available at the same or lower prices at other times of the year. This indicates that the urgency and hype around these sales are often artificially created.

Increased Production for False Savings

Many businesses increase their production significantly for Black Friday, only to sell these products at seemingly reduced prices. However, these items are often ones that have been available for less earlier in the year. This increased production for Black Friday contributes to environmental harm and promotes a throwaway culture.

It's interesting to see how people are wising up to this though, I clicked on the comments section of a well known gaming chair ad and people were posting screen shots of pricing earlier in the year which was actually cheaper than their black friday price. Shock horror! 

Real Costs of Black Friday

The real cost of Black Friday extends beyond just financial aspects. It impacts the environment due to overproduction and contributes to the exploitation of workers in the fast fashion and retail industries. The increased waste and environmental footprint associated with Black Friday are alarming, with a significant percentage of purchases ending up in landfills or incinerators.

Smart Consumer Choices

As consumers, it's important to recognise these facts and make informed decisions. Opting out of Black Friday and choosing to shop sustainably and ethically can have a positive impact. It's about being mindful of the real cost of these 'deals' and understanding the broader implications of our purchasing choices.

Don't fall for it

Black Friday, under the guise of savings, often perpetuates unhealthy consumer habits and environmental harm. By choosing not to participate and questioning the true value of these deals, we can take a stand against mass consumerism and its negative impacts.

Black Friday SUCKS

Don't buy things because someone tells you to.

It's not a deal, it never was a deal.

Get involved

Feel free to use the images, drop us a DM on Instagram @dewerstone and we'll send them to you. The more people that see Black Friday for what it is, the better.

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