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Help save wild camping on Dartmoor 🏕

Access to the wild spaces we love is under threat.

Parts of Dartmoor are the only place you can legally wild camp in England and wealthy land owners are in court on Monday in an attempt to change that.

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What can we do to help stop this from happening?

1. Get educated on the issues. There's a good article in the Guardian about the legal challenge and who is behind it. In short, it's a wealthy landowner revoking wild camping rights on Dartmoor and it sets a dangerous precedent for the future of the National Park.

2. Peaceful gathering and a group hike. Show you care and help spread the message that wild camping is an important part of what Dartmoor means to people. 

It's an opportunity to showcase a community that loves Dartmoor and wants to protect both it's natural beauty and the right to experience it.

When? Sunday 11th Dec, 11am, outside Dartmoor Visitors Centre, Princetown.

3. Peaceful protest to oppose the ban and encourage wild camping to be expanded across the UK. Influencing the decision makers on the ground. Join and hear from activists, poets, writers, hikers, musicians and young people for whom wild camping has been an essential form of inspiration and connection to the natural world. More info: @right.2roam

When? Monday 12th, 12pm, Royal Courts of Justice, London.

4. Spread the message and raise awareness. In our survey 25% of people didn't know Dartmoor National Park was the only place you can legally wild camp in England, yet 95% of people wanted to act immediately to help protect that right.

Share your story: what wild camping and Dartmoor means to you. Help spread the word on what's happening and how people can get involved. Use the tags #savedartmoor #thestarsareforeveryone and tag your friends to help spread the reach!

What are we doing to support?

We're using our platform to spread the word, educate on the issue and provide information to both our community and a wider audience.

We'll be there in person on Sunday, connecting people that love the outdoors with the community we call home.

The right to wild camp on Dartmoor really matters to us and Dartmoor should be a place for all to enjoy and experience, after all that's why National Parks were created:

"The government passes an Act of Parliament to establish National Parks to conserve and enhance their natural beauty and provide recreational opportunities for the public."

What is wild camping and how do you wild camp responsibly?

In a nutshell it's traveling light, staying out of sight, treading lightly and helping keep Dartmoor a beautiful and special place. Dartmoor National Park Authority have a guide on wild camping and also a map on where to wild camp.


  • David White

    Thanks for this info. Is there an online petition that we can set up and circulate for signature? These are often quick to sign and may appeal to people given how busy we all seem to be these days. Thanks. Dave. I will share this info on Facebook.

  • James Bennett

    The memories, experiences and skills I learned as a child from wild camping on Dartmoor with my father are some of the most valuable and treasured of my life. I was taught back in the 80’s to ‘leave no trace’. I now pass these down to my own young son. Their importance cannot be overstated. It is entirely wrong for one individual to try and block one of the few wild freedoms we are still allowed to enjoy.
    Appalling behaviour and environmental damage during covid by a small number of mindless individuals should not be allowed to ruin a wonderful pursuit which brings joy and education to the vast majority of those of us who enjoy Dartmoor responsibly.

  • John Radoux

    I shall continue to wild camp on Dartmoor whatever the law says
    Remember how access was started in the early days with a mass trespass on klinder scout

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