Mens nylon cap
Mens nylon cap

Camp Wild - Recycled Cap - ROSE

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CAMP WILD - Stand Up for Access Rights!

Wild camping is by definition, a recreational activity. It's also a wholesome connection to the natural world and a source of profound solace and inspiration.

However, with the increasing pressure on our wild spaces, and in particular the current court battle over wild camping on Dartmoor, it's crucial to ensure that those access rights remain in place for future generations.

Let's camp wild responsibly and preserve the wild places that nourish our souls.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to connect with nature and camp wild in our National Parks. Join us in standing up for access rights and ensuring that our wild spaces remain accessible to all who seek adventure and solace in the great outdoors.

Made from lightweight, quick-drying, recycled nylon fabric.

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Dartmoor is the only place in England that wild camping is legally permitted.

Access rights should be expanded, not under threat.

National Parks were created to preserve and enhance their natural beauty and provide recreational opportunities for the public.

Access to the wild spaces we love is under threat.

Parts of Dartmoor are the only place you can legally wild camp in England and wealthy land owners continue in their attempts to change that.

The battle for wlld camping continues and needs financial help.

The Dartmoor Preservation Association (DPA) has launched a fund raising campaign to directly support the DNPA in appealing the court and targeting a rights based system for wild campers to enjoy Dartmoor. 

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