We've raised rp201,689,11 | Indonesia Feeding Families - dewerstone

We've raised rp201,689,11 | Indonesia Feeding Families

The┬áIdea & Progress┬á­čîĆ
It's now been 2 months since we reached out across our platform to start our initial Buy a tee - feed FOUR families in Indonesia campaign. Many that have followed our story know just how successful you were in funding over 1000 Food Packages! 
Nizar has been hard at work and has now fed just over 255 families on GIli T!
We're collaborating┬á­čîĆ
We're working┬ádirectly with the community in Gili T to keep track of, package and deliver our food parcels. But we can't do it all alone, we're working closely with the @chilicommunityhouse to deliver food aid to those most in need ­čĺÜ
Have a glimpse into what we're up to with the community on Gili T!
Want to keep helping? Us too.
We're going to keep the donation box on our checkout page for the foreseeable future, so that anyone shopping on our website can continue to donate.
Our Tees
Any donations will go direct to Nizar, who will distribute food parcels to those that need it most, once a month. 
From all of us here at dewerstone, thank you. x

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