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The Idea ✏️

3 weeks ago our Gili Islands store manager Nizar reached out to the rest of the team with a simple yet effective idea, this being dewerstone working with the local communities in and around the area of Lombok, Indonesia to help distribute much needed food such as rice, eggs, oil and noodles. 

Indonesia 🌏

Indonesia has been hit hard by COVID 19, with recorded cases of 3,194,733 and the increasing death toll, unfortunately making it the new epicentre. With the strict Government lockdowns and the lack of tourism that makes up 80% of the GDP for Indonesia, thousands of families have had no income for many many months and are facing very hard times and are unable to feed themselves. 

The Process 

After researching just how vital getting food parcels out there was, we decided to go 100% in and make it that from 17th - 31st July any tee, purchased anywhere, online, in store or at your local stockist will go to buying and distributing food parcels in Lombok.

Working Together 🙏 

Once we reached out to all of you, the response was incredible.

And we have the figures to show it in all it's glory! 






The stats speak for itself, we have all made a real difference and have managed to directly support 4350 people out in Lombok.

Want to keep helping? Us too.

We're going to keep the donation box on our checkout page for the foreseeable future, so that anyone shopping on our website can continue to donate. Those donations will go direct to Nizar, who will distribute food parcels to those that need it most, once a month. 

From all of us here at dewerstone, thank you. x


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