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Organic Climbing x dewerstone

Organic Climbing x dewerstone

As we move into our 5 years of working with Organic Climbing, we figured we'd take this time to talk about our collaboration and why we ultimately chose to work with themĀ šŸ‘ŠĀ 

When Josh Helke (founder) started Organic Climbing in 2003, it was all about freedom, a love of the outdoors and how he felt that bouldering was the most organic form of climbing - very much similar core valuesĀ to which we share šŸŒ

18 years later and Organic Climbing have very much expanded on this and are now known for some of the most functional and durable products in the outdoor industry. They are incredibly transparent with how things are made, who makes them and what doing it in their hometown means to them. In addition to the offcuts and nearly zero waste, they do it all from a solar-powered factory.

Our FirstĀ Collaboration Ā 

Rory (dewerstone founder) still very much uses hisĀ roll-top pack fromĀ theĀ first Organic Climbing x dewerstone collaborationĀ from 2016 and numerously stated that it has travelled more than most packs he's used and can still see himself using it for another 5 years of service, if not 50Ā šŸ‘Œ

Ā Rorys first roll-top pack! Soaking up the sun in the Gili Trawangan, where our new store is now locatedĀ ā˜€ļø


Greenwashing andĀ Environmental ActionsĀ 

Recently on our Facebook PageĀ someone askedĀ us "By using fleece and cordura, isn't the name Organic Climbing just an extreme form of greenwashing?" - an interesting question for sure, and we can safely say with absolute certainty, there isn't even a sniff of greenwashing from Organic Climbing. We believe that they've taken far greater steps than most manufacturers on issues that are important to them whilst still keeping their mission of producing the best gear possible at the heart of what they do.Ā 

A really great dive into Organic Climbing is their Solar Sewn film, which you can find below - it'sĀ a great reminder of why we work with them.

And with that all in mind, we're super stoked to announce a new line-up, where we are launching our new drop of:


Ā Organic Climbing x dewerstone Chalk bags

Ā Made from super tough 1000d Cordura. They stay open when you want them to and keep chalk nicely secure inside when you want to close them up.Ā 



Organic Climbing x dewerstoneĀ Roll top packs

It's simple lines, ridiculously hard wearing ballistic nylon material will make this your pack of choice. Its at home stuffed with ropes, slacklines, boots and krabs asĀ itĀ is hauling a macbook, notepad and reusable mug.

Organic Climbing x dewerstoneĀ Crag packsĀ 

The Crag Pack is constructed with the highest quality 1050 ballistic nylon, with double-stitched seams taped for durability and water resistance. It has beefy #10 YKK zippers that you can undo with gloves on.

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