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Our Tees are feeding the families!

Over 2 weeks ago we reached out across our platforms to ask you to buy our Tees, with the the catch being 100% of sales go towards buying and distributing food parcels in Lombok, Indonesia. 

Indonesia has been hit hard by COVID 19, with recorded cases of 3,194,733 and the increasing death toll, unfortunately making it the new epicentre. It doesn't end there though, with the strict Government lockdowns and the lack of tourism that makes up 80% of the GDP for Indonesia, thousands of families have had no income for many many months and are facing very hard times and are unable to feed themselves.

So we decided to pull together our resources, team and customers to help where we could! We worked with Nizar, our store manager for our new store in the Gili Islands, near Lombok to help distribute rice, eggs, cooking oil and noodles to those in need. 

And distribute we have! We had an overwhelming response to our callout, with over idr60,000,000 raised!

Dewerstone, Indonesia, Food Parcels

With that we have been more than busy working with the locals to help supply the resources, including: 

2,583 Kilos of Rice

5,166 Eggs

517L of Cooking Oil

154,988 Grams of Noodles


AND we're not done! There's still plenty of time left to get involved, spread the word and get your tee with it completing on the 31st July. We will continue to work with Indonesia past this date with the the ongoing support from The Gilli Eco Trust

Get your tee now!  



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