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The lost waves of the North - Surf kayaking Nova Scotia Part 1




The North, oh it’s cold up there. Forests, snow, the North Atlantic Passage, home to some of the most exposed coastline on the planet. Nova Scotia is subject to giant weather systems, icy cold winds and epic ocean waves. It seems like every place we go has its own unique set of variables, this place in particular………was no exception.


Chasing hurricane swell is about as frustrating as it gets. Check the charts, check them again then spend hours using Google earth to look at every inch of coastline and try to make a calculated decision as to where the swell is going to hit. The next big question is how do you to get to the reef or point break marked. We spent hours driving up and down logging roads. Getting stuck in gravel or cut to pieces trying to get through the undergrowth and dense forest down to the ocean.   Half the time arriving to find the swell direction just isn’t quite right and its not quite big enough. The mission continues.


 Day 1 Halifax area

How on earth did I find my self here I thought to myself? Staring from the jetty in to the deep icy North Atlantic. The wind blew cold around George’s neck, He shifted in his hoodie hunching his shoulders. “ This place sucks Dougy”

Searching for waves was just one of the head aches of surfing. Swell, wind direction and wave period all contributing to the fact that today we got skunked. The east coast of Canada is suppose to pump. 

 No quintessential Canadian experience is complete without a visit to Tim Horton’s, the Canadian pinnacle of fast food. Strolling in we ordered coffee and found a booth. I tend to use several different weather checkers and swell apps to determine what’s next to come. This time there was no need. BBC news flashed up on my phone as soon as I locked in to the wifi, a severe weather warning was being issued to the whole east coast of North America. Hurricane Joaquin was born, and our trip was about to get a whole lot better.


 Follow the journey.

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Stay warm out there.

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