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dewerstone // Impact Report Highlights 2021

As 2021 is wrapping up, we thought we'd take some time to reflect back on the year and the things we're most proud of and share them with you, the people that made them all happen.

Our mission: Protect the environment our brand is founded upon.

Along with our core values we take this in to account with every decision we make.

"Results are no longer just financial. We should be measured by the good we do, how we take responsibility for our impact and what we’re doing to fight the climate crisis." - Rory Atton, dewerstone founder

It wouldn't be 2021 without mentioning Covid-19 and the global pandemic which continues to disrupt peoples lives all over the world. It's brought great challenges, but also created opportunities for kindness & compassion for our fellow human beings.


Our membership to 1% for the Planet certifies that we give at least 1% of our annual revenue directly to environmental non profit organisations, like Eden Reforestation, Save Our Rivers, Ghost Fishing UK and the Gili Eco Trust.

This year we over doubled that commitment and gave 2.23%.

As we progress in to 2022, we are formally committed to giving a minimum of 2% of our annual turnover away each year to charitable partners (including in kind product donations) and these donations are tax-deductible.


We fed 10'000+ people in Lombok, Indonesia at the height of the pandemic. 

We did this by getting you to buy t shirts and then us sending every single penny to our store manager Nizar, who built a team to purchase, make and distribute food parcels to those in need. 

When we were planning the Gili Islands store, one of the founding reasons was to have a base and an infrastructure to offer support when disaster happens. Whilst the store hasn't opened at all yet, when disaster did strike, we were there and we proved a reliable partner to the local community.

40'000 TREES

So far to date we've planted over 40'000 trees on Biak Island, Indonesia (and counting - every product we make plants a tree).

Planting trees won't solve the climate crisis on it's own, but it will certainly help combat deforestation, raise awareness of the climate problem and encourage other businesses to take action.


We opened our second UK retail store, in Totnes, Devon. 

A town know for it's community, a community that puts people and planet first.

Check out our new store on Instagram.


We certified Climate Neutral for 2020.

Each year is retrospectively certified, because you can only measure what you've already done, our first certification was 2019. As part of this process we measure our Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions, offset them with gold standard carbon credits and then work on a reduction plan.

Whilst we fully agree that offsetting is not the overall solution, certifying Climate Neutral has given us a real insight in to where our emissions are and how to tackle reducing them. 

Through measurement you can work out where and how to make the greatest impact. We reduced our emissions by over 50% from 2019 to 2020, because we had a plan in place based on where we could make the biggest reduction. 

For us, that was in transport, moving as much as possible from air freight to sea freight, and in travel, reducing our business travel had a large impact too.

2019: 63 tCO2e

2020: 30 tCO2e

We also took the POW (Protect Our Winters) Climate Action Pledge

Pledging our roadmap to Net Zero and joining other brands to raise awareness and progressively take action against the climate crisis.


We managed to get the band back together a few times this year. We went on the road to Cardiff Whitewater Centre and Lee Valley for Bren Tour.

We held our own amongst the big brands at the Outdoor Trade Show and Kendal Mountain Festival. 


We built new screen printing facilities and invested in state of the art equipment so that we could keep screen printing in house. 

Our processes are now more efficient, we use far less power and our product is better. But what means the most to us here, is that we still print it, just like we've always done, right here in Dartmoor National Park.

Find out why we still screen print in house here.

BLACK FRIDAY Just isn't for us.

This year, like every year we shut our store doors, closed the office and warehouse and went hiking instead. 

Not getting sucked in to the hype of the biggest shopping day of the year can seem a crazy move for a brand that sells products, but if you didn't know it by now, we'e a brand that sees a new kind of profit.

Check out what we got up too on our walk here.



We couldn't have done any of those things without your support, your belief in the brand and your commitment and trust in us, that we're in it for good and that we will be a leading voice in the change we want to see.


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