dew does Font.

We are in Fontainebleau!

There's about 25 of us out here staying at one of the most run down campsites you've ever seen. It reminds me of that place in the desert that you pass on the drive from LA to Mammoth Mountain where planes go to die - this is where caravans go to die! It's a proper caravan and mouldy awning cemetry! 

It's also absolutely freezing cold. Coldest Fontainebleau trip on record! The weathers not overly been on our side to shoot photos at all, so yesterday we took a bit of time out and drove to one of my favourite regions / wineries! Sancerre is a pretty special little place up on top of a hill a couple of hours drive south from Paris, about 1 1/2 hours from Fontainebleau. We managed to shoot a few photos before the rain set in, not the end of the world though.. what do you in Sancerre when it's raining? Go wine tasting! 


So we drank (tasted) a few vines, checked out the village and then cruised back to Font for another night under the stars. Let's hope tomorrow brings a break in the weather and we get some shots!



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