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Zipper pulls from Cornish ghost fishing net

Enough commercial fishing line is left in the ocean each year to stretch to the moon and back.

We're working with Ghost Fishing UK and Behaviour Change Cornwall, to reuse and repurpose nets found around our coastlines. Wether it's pulling nets caught up on wrecks from the depths, or hauling washed up nets across rocks and beaches, each net has a real story to tell, starting with this one:

Every discarded net in the ocean endangers marine life.

A fIshing net is designed to have one purpose, to catch. Unfortunately when nets are lost at sea, the primary purpose doesn't change, anything caught in the net likely stays in the net and more marine life is likely to get trapped as time goes on.

Organisations like Ghost Fishing UK and Behaviour Change Cornwall not only work to retrieve fishing nets from the ocean, but build a system to encourage fisherman to report lost nets. In some cases a lost net can be reported, retrieved and returned to the fisherman for reuse. In cases where that can't happen, it's up to us to find ways to repurpose, recycle and reuse.

The Black and Blue flecked net used on our Arial Fleece and our Frontier Jacket comes from several fragments of a huge trawl net recovered on the rocks off St Michaels Mount in May 2022, by the team at Behaviour Change Cornwall.

We believe the net would be part of multiple cast off fragments from repairing or changing nets at sea, rather than the discarding of a net caught on the rocks.


"If we can take something that doesn't belong in the ocean, clean it and make it in to something else, we're not only playing our part in cleaning up the environment, we're actively telling the story of reuse." - Rory Atton, founder, dewerstone

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