Kernowfornia - Cornish Winter sun. - dewerstone

Kernowfornia - Cornish Winter sun.

Bike trials rider and Slackline specialist Rich Pearson checks in and reminds us why Cornwall is a special place for the outdoor lifestyle at any time of year. 

Trials Bike riding in Cornwall

It’s pretty special to live in a part of the country that is very similar but at the same time so different from the rest. Cornwall has been my home for nearly a decade now, after coming down here to study for university.

It’s pretty amazing that even though much of the rest of the country is covered in snow at the moment, as you can see in the video taken only a couple of weeks ago, we are still just about getting the best weather that there is!

Bike Trials rider jumping big gap

Cornwall is just one of those places that so often lives up to the stereotype of easy-going, laid-back and stunningly beautiful scenery that it is often easy for people from elsewhere (and those of us that live down here actually!) to forget that real people live here and that it's not just a holiday destination!

Despite being lucky enough to have some incredible places to ride my bike pretty much on my doorstep, and having the weather to do it most of the year round, there are drawbacks to living only 30 miles away from Lands End... Like being one hundred miles away from the nearest motorway!

Cornish Beach with white sand

That said I wouldn’t change it for the world. Literally. I’m one of the few people I know that’s more fascinated with the country that I live in than the rest of the world, as this remarkable place still keeps surprising me with it’s hidden gems. Don’t get me wrong though, I like the white sand and warm waters of Bali as much as the next chap, but I do still love this little splinter of land that we call home.

Anytime you wanna come down and explore, this is your open invite. Here’s to warm weather. 

Winter eyes still need protecting. 


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