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Black Friday - What we're doing instead 🌎


It's that time of the year again, Black Friday is fast approaching with its sales, discounts, mass consumerism, throwaway know, all the good stuff 😟

The truth is Black Friday just isn't that great, it's far from it. We talk about why we feel the World doesn't need Black Friday here.

Indulging in a frenzy which encourages and effectively celebrates mass consumerism and throwaway culture is against everything we believe in.

So it will come as no surprise, here at dewerstone, Black Friday just isn't for us.



Instead of pulling out the sale rack or trying to navigate around Black Friday itself, we'll simply kick the trend, not do it and just do our own thing. 

We're not preaching here, we're just sharing what we do and why we do it.

Since 2019 we've been shutting our stores, closing our office, rolling down the warehouse shutters and instead, taking the day to indulge in a place we love, the places where it all started; our home, Dartmoor 🏔🏡 


The whole team will come together and take on a journey across the Moors, where we'll catch up, drink coffee, litter pick and generally be together. If previous years are to go by, it's a lot of fun, there's a lot of laughter and we'll hopefully inspire a few people to look at Black Friday differently.




We would LOVE to encourage other businesses, brands and people alike to take the day to create a positive impact, no matter where you are. Wether that's by not buying in to Black Friday, doing something for yourself or your team, or something for the planet.

Lets collectively say no to mass consumerism, no to excess and no to throwaway culture. 

We're not looking to change the world in a day, but we can at least say we won't be making it any worse this Black Friday.


Selling perfectly good products at a discount makes little sense to us. They weren't on sale the day before and they won't be the next day. 

We don't make excess stock to sell at a discounted price, we don't have anything we need to clear and we're well aware that if we discounted everything out, we wouldn't be able to do the good that we do.  

There's plenty of brands and businesses pumping out Green Friday marketing, but is it really all it's cracked up to be? Is there anything genuine about Green Friday?


This is the bit where the trumpet comes out. Brands that are in it for good are doing good every day. 

Every dewerstone product sold supports social & environmental actions all over the World.

We plant a tree for every product we make, every day of the year. This translates to thousands of work days, empowering communities and planting tens of thousands of trees.

We measure, offset and reduce our carbon emissions, every day of the year. Since 2019 we've been certified Climate Neutral. This is separate to our tree planting commitment, the tree planting just helps ensure we're taking out more than we're putting in.

We give 1% of our turnover to environmental action groups, every day of the year. We support non profit organisations like Save Our Rivers, Gili Eco Trust and Ghost Fishing UK. 1% for the Planet certifies this commitment. 

We give an additional 1% of our turnover to social causes, every day of the year. As a Certified B Corp we are committed to give over 2% of our annual turnover, in 2021 we gave 2.26%. In 2022, we'll give more.

The change isn't just happening on Green Friday, there's business all around that are putting people & planet before profit. If you have to spend on Black Friday, do your research, find out who those businesses are and invest in those that are investing in your future.

If we don't take action as businesses and individuals, we'll watch it burn, together, literally. 

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