Montreal Eau vive. Kayaking - Jetskis - Awesomeness

Montreal Eau vive. Kayaking - Jetskis - Awesomeness

Eau Vive is French for Whitewater,  I think it actually directly translates to alive water but the Montreal Eau vive event is a Whitewater event that should be on every kayakers calendar.  It is a weekend long event with two freestyle comps on the Saturday.  One on Big Joe wave, one on Mavericks Wave.  Both are in the centre of the St Lawrence river, and there is a jet ski that takes you back to the eddy so no walking! The waves are fun and friendly and the water temp is warm.  Combine that with great weather and you have a great day right there.  Day 2 is a boater-X race down an even bigger rapid, filled with huge waves which are constantly shifting and changing it is a super fun race.  



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