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Throwback - Symonds and the Silks

So a year's passed. And thanks to facebook, I know exactly what I was up to 365 days ago.

Symonds Yat is an area of woodland on the banks of the river Wye in Gloucestershire. The name is centred around a fabled pinnacle of rock that rises above the tree line and is well known and loved by climbers. A number of routes exist on all sides of the tower and thanks to a few old friends, a highline also became established there a few years back. I've visited the spot a number of times as the line is within my comfort zone which allows me to try new tricks. But last year came with a twist...

My first visit way back when was during a bank holiday weekend when the weather was on our side (as it has been since on every occasion). My slack mentor Mr Pedro Pimentel was on photography duty and captured the image below which served as inspiration for the most recent trip. Having built up a rigging and performance crew now known as the Aerial Addicts, I wanted to revisit the site and try my own take on Pedro's photo with the team. 

The setup was fairly simple; rig the highline and dangle some silks off it. I called upon Beth Frugtniet, our resident silk artist to help out as well as a highline buddy Ernest de Castro. I'll let the images speak for themselves...

symonds and silks

symonds silk crucifix

symonds silks crucifix

ernest up high at symondsBy way of celebrating the silk visit, Beth and I met up again last weekend with some friends to pull some shapes up at Dinas Rock, another slightly more local climbing spot in South Wales. 

beth throwing shapes

beth and tracy throwing shapes

We are currently planning the next big project which I hope will be as big (if not bigger...) than the Lines of Light series we started as a new crew. But projects like this take time, so watch this space; coming to a mountain range near you!

lines of light II

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