Stage 3 UNLEASHED x Uganda: Nile Special - dewerstone

Stage 3 UNLEASHED x Uganda: Nile Special

The first two stages of UNLEASHED were hectic, freestyle in the middle of one of the hardest rapids on the Nile and then Boater X on the much less regularly paddled Dead Dutchman. For many of the athletes, stage 3 on the Nile Special wave was a return to familiar ground and a chance to hit every trick in their back catalogue.

Dane Jackson Helix Nile Special Kayaking

Dane Jackson was first out of the gates and as expected, set the bar higher than high.

The UNLEASHED scoring system adds a twist, it's not just about the tricks you pull off, but how you execute them (your steeze) and how you set up and work your way between tricks (your flow). Keep it steezey and flowing and the point multipliers will stack up!

Alan Ward Air time Nile Special

Alan Ward getting air time on the White Nile.

With a field full of big hitting freestyle names, including recently crowned World Champion Quim Fontane Masa and junior World Champion Tom Dolle, it was always going to come down to the wire.

Sam Ward Nile Special

If being smooth, maxing out multipliers and smashing out the tricks is your thing, Sam Ward is the man.

Mens Results:

1/ Dane Jackson

2/ Kalob Grady

3/ Quim Fontane

Lowri Davies on the Nile Specical

Lowri Davies styling it out as the crowd of international competitors and Ugandan locals watched on.

Womens Results:

1/ Darby McAdams

2/ Katie Kowalski

3/ Lowri Davies

See all the action in the UNLEASHED Stage 3 edit:


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