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Where to whitewater kayak in Spring - Destination Verzasca Valley

Wondering where to go kayaking on your Spring road trip to the Alps? Do you like snowcapped mountains, crystal clear waters and some of the best kayaking in Europe?
If the answer is yes, then the Verzasca Valley needs to be on your list! 
The group getting on the water as the Verzasca valley
Kayaking is what brought us to this amazing location, but hiking, mountain biking and general sight seeing is all on your doorstep, there's even a huge bungee jump from the dam downstream. (The same dam used in the James Bond film Goldeneye!).
Simon Morse scoping out the river
We spent three days kayaking the various sections of the river ranging from class 3-5 rapids with pools so clear you could see the fresh water divers swimming underneath. Wild camping was a great experience, although not strictly legal, however overnighters in vans are but if thats not your thing, there's plenty of accommodation options to suit all budgets.
Hammocks in the Verzasca valley
It's a bit of a drive up the valley so be sure to bring plenty of supplies if you plan to stay for a few days. Second bit of advice would be to always pay for parking, even if you're just going for a really quick lap of the river... Fines are large!
kayaking the Verzasca valley
The whitewater is world class and it's one of the most picturesque places I've ever been. The season is short so get there in May to catch that glacier flow. I couldn't recommend it more for your next whitewater kayaking Spring trip!

kayaking a drop in the Verzasca valley











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