Say NO to concrete in our rivers

Say NO to concrete in our rivers

We're standing side by side with WWF and Save Our Rivers to protect one of the last remaining pristine areas of the alps.

The Kaunertal hydro power project is construction on a massive scale which hasn’t been seen for decades. Four dams, four huge tunnels and more concrete than we can even begin to imagine, draining up to 80% of the water from the valley.

The most destructive engineering project planned for the European Alps in decades. It's opposed by over 30 environmental organisations.

We're coming together to show the Austrian government this area is of international importance and that this construction needs to be stopped immediately.

Join us and act today: CLICK HERE TO SIGN

You can find more information on the hydro expansion project here.

Photo credits @dewerstone 
Original canvas photo credit @brenorton

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