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Life Shorts - from the beginning to now!

Year after year, since first testing out the prototypes in Uganda, the Life Shorts Pro have delivered on the dewerstone design goals. To create a go anywhere, do anything, planet first, set of shorts.

I have worn them on all of my trips over the last few years. From crawling through jungles and dodging leeches in Indonesia to hanging out on the sofa at the dewerstone store in Princetown. The life shorts have proven themselves time and time again and I am stoked that this season, nothing changes about the Life Shorts Pro design. We just have more colours to choose from.

If you’re not familiar with the Life Shorts Pro range then here are a couple of my favourite features.

The Cut

dewerstone nailed it, they are comfy when sat in the car for long road trips and I get a full range of movement in them when I am training in the gym.

They stay put

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, they stay right where they are. I was recently ripped out of my kayak on a big rapid and the river pulled me through a small opening tunnel of my spraydeck, stole my shoes, water bottle and a dash of my dignity… but it didn’t get my Life Shorts.

The material

Made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyester. These shorts not only do good for the planet but also stretch and dry out impossibly fast.


You won’t notice them until you need them and then you will be astounded at what you can fit in them. I routinely have my phone in one of them and my kindle in the other. Pretty impressive and there’s even a little bungee cord for your car keys and other things that definitely shouldn’t get lost at the beach or the river.

Most of all I like that a small crew of passionate people has managed to create a product that excels at everything it does and that the environmental cost of fashion was not an after thought. It was part of the reason the Life Shorts Pro were created.

Catch you out there somewhere,

Bren Orton




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