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Kendal River Clean

Every November for a weekend all outdoor roads lead to a small town in the Lake District, for kendal Mountain Festival. A celebration of all things outdoor, wether it's snow, bike, run, journey, walk.. you name it, it's there. 

From speakers to film nights and of course basecamp (where we can be found for the duration of the event!) the whole town of Kendal is a buzz of outdoor inspired activity. 

The mountain festival plays home to the annual Save Our Rivers river clean on the Kent, the river that flows right through the centre of Kendal.

Many of the people involved do not live in Kendal, visiting for the weekend and making the litter pick part of their stay. The river, the riverbanks and the paths surrounding were awash with community spirit and organisations coming together to protect the places we love. 


The river clean is the brain child of local resident, paddlesports coach and litter hero, Dan Wilkinson.

In his words, it just needs someone to start, wether it's your local park, local river bank or wherever, just get started and people will join.



It's fun. There's interesting finds and there's giggles along the way. But it's also important to remember river safety and that whilst pulling a bike out can give everyone a good laugh, thats a serious snag hazard that's been removed and a great safety concern dealt with.


Over 250kg of trash was pulled out of the river and surrounding area. A massive win for the river and the life it supports. 

To find out more visit Save Our Rivers and Trash Free Trails. Get involved and protect the places you love.


Want to see more? Check out the video created by Save Our Rivers highlighting the day:

📸 Photos by Nicholas White

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